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Jewish World Review July 16, 1999 /3 Av, 5759

David Corn

David Corn
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In the Money --
SO WHAT DID I MISS? Al Gore distancing himself from Bill Clinton regarding the President’s recreational practices? That took guts. Hillary distancing herself from the President’s view on health care policy? Too bad she didn’t engage in such distancing when she was cobbling together a health care reform package that was limited by Clinton’s desire to appease Corporate America and the health insurance industry.

(After the Clintons went through policy contortions to avoid the wrath of Big Medicine, the insurance gang still ravaged the proposal.)

What a love-hate triangle there must be in the White House. Has anyone sold the film rights yet?

Then there was George W. Bush disclosing he had raised more than $36 million for the Republican presidential primary contest. Washington Post columnist David Broder was practically apoplectic over the conventional wisdom that this treasure chest renders the “largely unexamined” Bush inevitable. The role of money in the political system, Broder observed, is “drowning out decency and threatening the underpinnings of democracy itself.” That’s true. But in the not-so-distant past Broder has written approvingly of GOP-backed plans to raise the limits on individual contributions.

Currently, a Bush groupie can slip at most $1000 to W’s primary campaign. Raise that amount to, say, $5000, as some deformers have advocated, and Bush the Younger could pull in $100 million. It’s good the Post’s Grand Poohbah is raising the obvious criticism about Bush’s Texas-sized bucks. But maybe Broder is more upset that Bush’s money—like the bribes at the Palio—is getting in the way of a good horse race.

JWR contributor David Corn, Washington Editor of The Nation, writes the "Loyal Opposition" column for The New York Press.


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©1999, David Corn