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Jewish World Review April 28, 1999 /12 Iyar 5759

David Corn

David Corn
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Darwin Made Me Do It

(JWR) ---- (
IN THE AFTERMATH of the high school massacre in Littleton, CO, there was the predictable blame game. (How inconvenient it was for Charlton Heston and his NRA that they had scheduled their national convention in Denver this week.) The denunciations of Hollywood, television, the Internet, popular music and video games were de rigueur—as were the cries of the religious right that school violence stems from the 1962 Supreme Court decision to ban prayer in public schools.

Within this highly competitive world of soundbite scowling, the Rev. Jerry Falwell—scourge of Teletubbies and self-proclaimed expert on the “Jewish male” Antichrist—managed to distinguish himself, pointing a chubby finger at evolution and abortion: “The culture of death flourishes in the abortion-rights community that attempts to convince children there are few consequences to casual sex.” I know several leaders of the abortions-right community, and I have never heard a single one of them—or any other advocate of abortion rights—tell children that casual sex is just dandy and carries no consequences. Let’s see Falwell’s evidence. It is doubtful that the Trenchcoat Mafiosi who committed this diabolical deed were under the influence of Ms. magazine.

“Another fundamental cause of the disregard for human life in the hearts of our youth is the teaching of evolution,” Falwell huffed. “Children are taught that they are higher forms of animal life, created by chance—not by a Divine Creator.”

His name is Jerry
and he's almost
as amusing
No wonder Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went nuts. It was the science teacher’s fault.But wait a minute. Falwell is giving animals a bad rap. How many animals mindlessly slaughter members of their clans for sport? It appears only representatives of our species commit such actions. Given that, one could assert that we have something to learn from the non-Divine creatures of the world. Yet Falwell wants to teach creationism in schools. In other words, guns don’t kill, textbooks do.

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