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Jewish World Review August 20, 2004 / 3 Elul 5764

Steve Young

Steve Young
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Another Political Alert From

THE VOTE FOR CHANGE TOUR: Why Didn't MoveOn Just Book The Strawberry Alarm Clock? | While has attempted to coop the effort to get out the vote for John Kerry through lyric and music by touring such over-the-hill talent like Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., John Mellencamp, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor, MoveOnPlease PAC eagerly accepted the challenge announcing a younger and hotter donation-gathering tour...

The Vote For A Much Younger Change Tour

Negotiations are still being finalized with Nickelodeon, Toys R Us and Radio Disney which will provide a feverish buzz on the playgrounds and will include big prizes if you're the thirteenth caller.

MoveOnPlease understands that talking a person into doing something takes a rich commitment to annoying your prey incessantly until they do what you want just to shut you up. Kind of like the way kids get stuff from their parents. Aware that many swing voters are parents, MoveOnPlease is cost-efficiently targeting those same children; children who can be influenced by a lousy Mighty Bean, Neopet or Pokemon card..

Scheduled to appear on the MoveOnPlease tour are Hillary Duff, Raven, SpongeBob, the fatter Olson Twin and many, many more, including any act that becomes famous the day of the tour. Assuming that "Who Let The Dog Out" and "Hamster Dance" will still be getting monster play on RD, expect those artists to be on the Vote For A Much Younger Change Tour.

The tour plans stops in most red state malls for six shows nightly.

VFAMYCT Artist Quotes

"A Vote for a Much Younger Change is like a vote for a stronger and younger America. A much younger America. A vote for Bush is like a vote for a America that's kind of like the opposite."

Hillary Duff
"As a concerned artist...not the kind that paints or stuff, but the singer kind, I have to know what's cool and what's not cool. Actually, all I have to know is what's not cool and then subtract that from everything else and the result is what's cool. See, knowing what's cool involves a lot of math and if you or your parents vote for Bush, you won't learn math or really know what's cool."

(That's All) Raven
"It's about showing up and being counted. And if I'm one the acts who'll be doing the counting I ask you all to stand real still so I don't end up miss counting you or worse, counting you twice."

Aaron Carter

Nick Carter
"This is the first presidential election the Boys have ever really known about and while I'm sure there's been one or two others, I feel like this one is the most important one ever, or at least the second most important behind the one that one where Donald Trump or someone one like him ran for president.

BackStreet Boys (All Of Us Talking At The Same Time)
"I believe in the power of the first amendment and the second and the third one. In fact, I'm in favor of all of them except maybe for that seventh one, I mean if that's one that John Ashcroft guy threw out."

Mandy Moore
"I can't believe they're still buying me."

Kelly Clarkson
Artists Declaration

"The Vote For A Much Younger Change is a loose coalition of young musicians and some who hope some day to play an instrument, brought together by a single idea — the need to tour for some reason."


JWR contributor Steve Young created for National Lampoon. Comment by clicking here.


© 2004, Steve Young