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Jewish World Review Feb. 24, 2004 / 2 Adar 5764

Steve Young

Steve Young
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My good friend and the most gorgeous man on the Right, Mr. Sean Hannity has invited me on to his radio show that will be broadcast live from the, be still my heart, Richard Nixon Library, in Yorba Linda, CA, as part of his "CAN YOU HEAR ME YET?! I'M SELLING MY BOOK!" Tour.

I, Steve Young, Liberal with a capital "L,"will be sitting right next to Sean. No way to turn down my mike volume. No way to interrupt me

Sean is bringing me on to review his book, which because I am one of those Evils that he is trying to Deliver Us From, he said he expects me to "trash it" (his words, not mine). I didn't know whether I would trash it for, after all, I had yet to read it. I could like it and believe that the man has made some lovely points. But just in case I did have some teensy problems with his studious deductions, I would point them out and if there was a single fabrication on my part, I would buy his immediate staff, steak dinners. And if he cannot find an inaccuracy in my argument, he has to buy dinner for me, my wife, John Kerry and his wife at Ruth Chris's Steak House, home of the finest steak you can ever have or so says Sean some three times a show, and if he isn't getting some action from Ms. Chris, he needs a new agent.

(Click HERE to purchase the Hannity book. Sales help fund JWR.)

Now here's why I've asked you all to come to my column. A couple of visits back on his show, Sean bet me (he seems to be on the Bill Bennett virtue path) that since our President Bush has been in office, jobs have increased. I insisted that we had lost over two million jobs. Now I want you to read that last sentence again. Sean said that over the past three years the U.S. had gained jobs. Is that clear? Gained. After checking with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, I was told I was right. Sean said that he included household jobs (this includes self-employed jobs like licking envelopes in your garage) that might last a month before you turn belly up, and he failed to include in the equation (it is an equation, not just jobs added, because, believe it or not, we lose jobs too) the many hundreds of thousands of people who are so frustrated, they've given up looking for work.

Sean's conclusion? We were both right. Yep. No matter what our good old Bureau of Labor Statistics said; that he used the figures never considered as a measurement of job growth, even by Republican administrations, we were both right. Now, to be honest, as a card-carrying Democrat, for Sean to say that I was just as right, er, um, correct, as he, I considered it a victory. Of course, no steak dinner. Not even a McDonald's coupon.

So it is that I need all of you, from the left, from the right, and anyone remaining in the center...if there still be a center, to listen this Wednesday. I know it won't be easy for you Liberals. In fact it could be painful, but perhaps you could think of it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear a Conservative talk show host say he is wrong. Impossible you say? Don't be so sure. Why? Because I pledge right now to tell the truth. Not the 50% of the truth you normally hear which I'm sure we all can agree is no truth at all. The whole truth. You know, just the way Sean always tells it. And this time, I don't want Sean to get away with not paying off the bet by using some kind of fuzzy-math fudging of the facts. If I tell the truth, and he does not pay off, I need you all to call and write, and most importantly, to really pressure him, don't buy his book. That'll get 'im.

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Of course, if you, my Conservative friends, find that I have not met up to my side of the bargain, yet I say that I have won,,you should flood the phonelines and my e-mail box with derisive comments, much as you normally do.

Okay, now the review. Truthfully, as I promised I would be, I haven't read Sean's book...yet. I waited patiently for the special autographed copy that my wife had sent for. And today the package arrived. Unfortunately, by mistake, my wife sent the check to the wrong place and I received something called, "Who's Looking Out For You." So now I have to go out and buy the book today. So that means, if you want to hear how I really feel about the book and how Sean feels about me feeling about the book, you just have to listen. I know I will. I just love those garlic mashed potatoes.

Wow. I went long and now I'm up against a hard break. When we come back we'll trash the lines. Thank for reading. See you all, sort of, on Wednesday.


JWR contributor Steve Young, Prism Award winner and Humanitas Prize nominee for his television writing, is film correspondent for BBC radio. He is the author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful: Mistakes, Adversity, Failure and Other Stepping Stones to Success," "The 130 Tales of Winchell Mink," Harper Collins (Winter, 2003) and the director/writer of "My Dinner With Ovitz." His website is Comment by clicking here.


© 2004, Steve Young