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Jewish World Review Feb. 3, 2005 / 24 Shevat 5765

Steve Young

Steve Young
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IRAQI DEMOCRACY A FARCE! Vote Not The Purple Success We're Lead To Believe | Purple fingers don't necessarily point to Democracy. As one labored attempt at metaphor coupled with weak symbolism suggests, when you point one purple finger towards freedom, there are four other purple fingers pointing back at you. 'Course, that is depending on how many fingers Saddam allowed you to keep.

We have yet to hear the results of the Iraqi's first legitimate vote in over thirty years and President Bush and the newest warmongers (the Neoneocons) of the administration are already trying to paint the election as a success. It isn't working. Not to those of us who can see behind the curtain of deceit sewn from only 60-some percent of the purple-fingered, so-called legitimate voters And even if those figures are correct, that means that close to 40 percent of the voters haven't voted.

Questions need to be asked and answered.

How do we know that those who did vote didn't vote AGAINST Democracy? How fair is an state of an election when it doesn't allow the last elected president to run? A president, who we might remind you, received OVER 100% of the vote in the last election. In perpetrating this fraudulent message of success, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have been strangely quiet. How loud the indignation if their George W. Bush had not been allowed to run again because of what are still only alleged crimes of murder, mutilation and rape of hundred of thousands of Iraqis. Guilty before facing your accusers in court. Is this the Democracy we're giving to Iraqi?

An election in itself proves nothing if it is not fair. With a ballot fraught more complications than a John Kerry speech, how in the world can we expect an accurate vote count? We don't even know the outcome of the Iraqis voting in Dade County was. Confused Iraqis wanting to votes for the Islamic Peoples Party ended up pulling the lever (if they even had levers) for the Islamic Persons Party. Early indications have Pat Buchanan receiving more votes than Allawi in the normally heavy Moslem district of Kabul. Let's not be too surprised if Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush have their purple fingers in that one.

What can we do to stop this legal carnage, which as anyone with a half an ACLU membership knows, is ten, maybe as much as eleven, times worse that the physical carnage inflicted by the Iraqi-loving insurgents, no matter what country they snuck in from.

We must refuse to allow the great people of Iraq to suffer the indignities of a new found Democracy. Let us embed the 10,000 Democratic attorneys, who never got the chance in Ohio, and send them into every courthouse in Baghdad, Mosul and every other Iraqi county...except for Falloujah. We may be crazy, but we're not stupid.

We must make sure that this is does not become another Florida. Another 2000. Another Democracy that attempts make free elections a symbol of freedom. We're better than that.


JWR contributor Steve Young created for National Lampoon. Comment by clicking here.


© 2004, Steve Young