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Jewish World Review Dec. 19, 2005 / 18 Kislev 5766

Bill O'Reilly

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The Lieberman factor | Sen. Joseph Lieberman has a lot of guts. No matter how you feel about the Iraq war, we should admire Lieberman for sticking up for what he believes. As widely reported, the Democrat senator from Connecticut recently traveled to Iraq. He sized up the situation, and returned home to report that the war there could be won, and he's not backing down despite all kinds of grief being directed his way.

The totalitarian wing of the Democrat party, led by the increasingly irrational Howard Dean, has continued to disparage Lieberman's point of view and is even threatening the man. The George Soros-funded propaganda factory "Moveon" called Lieberman's Iraq position "like a betrayal" and James Dean, Howard's brother, is leading the charge to marginalize the senator in his home state.

You may have noticed that the far left has recently stepped up its fascist-like tactics. Last week at the University of Connecticut, invited speaker Ann Coulter was shouted down by students who opposed hearing anything she had to say. This came on the heels of loons in Chicago trying to shout down senator Hillary Clinton for not condemning the Iraq conflict. And just this week, a far left outfit took out a full-page ad in The New York Times urging Americans to disrupt President Bush's State of the Union address next month. What's next for the radicals, blowing up satellite dishes?

Sen. Lieberman knew his point of view would be attacked but is willing to take the heat even though he's up for reelection next November. No question Lieberman is a stand-up guy and, as we all know, that is rare in American politics these days.


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Lieberman's position on Iraq is born out of his vast knowledge of the situation in Israel. The senator realizes that any show of weakness in the face of international terrorism will lead to more attacks. If the USA and Britain bail on the new Iraqi government before it can defend the country, the terrorists will likely have a new playground to replace the one they lost in Afghanistan. And this theme park would be much more dangerous because Iran would control the southern part of Iraq, arming and financing al Qaeda's worldwide operations.

Of course, Howard Dean and his minions, people like Jack Murtha and Nancy Pelosi, are clueless when it comes to terror strategy, but no one is shouting them down. In fact, it's important for Americans to hear what the Iraq defeatists have to say because it is so short-sighted. Here's the essential question: Do you think Osama bin Laden is rooting for Joseph Lieberman's point of view or Howard Dean's?

The Bush administration has made too many mistakes in the Iraq campaign. That is quite clear to any fair-minded observer. But those mistakes can and must be overcome by determination, negotiation and courage. Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha do not know how to protect America against the terrorist jihad. The far left is actually helping terrorists worldwide by failing to acknowledge the danger and having no idea as to how to deal with it. In addition, their tactics in this great debate are often anti-democratic and embarrassing. Someone should remind the insane left that the USA isn't Munich in 1928.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman has reminded America that politicians can be courageous. He is standing up for what he thinks is best for his country. We need more Liebermans and fewer ideological zealots on both sides of the political spectrum. Although the radical left would shout him down if they could, the rest of us should also let our voices be heard. Let's hear it for Lieberman.

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JWR contributor Bill O'Reilly is host of the Fox News show, "The O'Reilly Factor," and author of, most recently, "Who's Looking Out for You?" Comments by clicking here.

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