Jewish World Review May 10, 2004 / 19 Iyar, 5764

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Fifteen questions | Since many of the powerful, famous and rich in America have perfected the technique of spin and run, I am enlisting you, the reader, to please ask these people the following questions if you happen to see them at Wal-Mart or something.

To President Bush: Since CIA chief George Tenet presided over the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, the failure to stop 9-11, the failure to find Iraqi WMDs and finally the gross underestimating of post-war problems in Iraq, why does Tenet still hold his job?

To Donald Rumsfeld: Why did you not inform your boss, the president, the moment you found out about the Iraqi torture allegations?

To John Kerry: Your Iraq strategy seems to center around giving the United Nations more power in that country. Is that the same United Nations that cut and run after their building was attacked in Baghdad, or another United Nations?

To Kofi Annan: You have to be aware that U.N. officials are trying to stonewall the investigation into the oil for food bribery scandal, as letters presented to you prove that. But based upon your lackluster answers on "Meet the Press," you don't seem to care much. Why?

To Dan Rather: Did you believe that anti-American forces would use the torture pictures you aired to promote violence against America? Because that's what many of them are doing.

To Barry Bonds: Every time you're asked about whether or not you took high-tech steroids, you give a wiseguy answer. Why do you do this, and did you take the juice?

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To Howard Stern: No question you're a smart, funny guy who could get high ratings without all the gross out stuff. You just turned 50 years old, and you're a gazillionaire. Is it time to modify your on-air approach?

To Hillary Clinton: You campaign on the promise that you would improve things for upstate New Yorkers. Yet in many places like Buffalo and Syracuse, things are worse. Do you feel any remorse?

To Bill Clinton: According to Vanity Fair magazine, you do not want John Edwards to be chosen as Kerry's running mate. Why do you feel this way, and will you come on the "Factor" to promote your new book?

To Howard Dean: Do you believe Bill Clinton and DNC chief Terry McAuliffe sabotaged your campaign?

To Colin Powell: There is more opium coming out of Afghanistan than ever before. Did you make a deal with the Afghan warlords that in return for keeping the countryside quiet, you would let them deal drugs?

To Frank Rich: As a columnist for The New York Times you put forth that Mel Gibson's film about Jesus was likely to cause anti-Jewish sentiment. Not one incident of that has been reported. In light of that, do you feel silly?

To Michael Jackson: Do you feel silly?

To Janet Jackson: Oh, forget it.

And finally to Osama Bin Laden: You apparently believe that Allah will reward you for ordering the deaths of tens of thousands of human beings, including innocent women and children. How disappointed will you be when that doesn't happen, and have you ever read Dante?

Just asking.

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JWR contributor Bill O'Reilly is host of the Fox News show, "The O'Reilly Factor," and author of, most recently, "Who's Looking Out for You?" Comments by clicking here.

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