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Movie isn't just pro-gay, but anti-marriage | The front runner in this year's Oscar race is "Broke Back Mountain," about two Wyoming cowboys conducting a homosexual affair in the '60's and '70's.

Gay activists embrace the movie, hailing it as a "timeless love story" showing the joys of male-on-male passion, but they ignore one key factor in the plot: both men are married, with children, and their long-standing relationship ultimately destroys both marriages.

Would commentators similarly applaud a story of cheating, if the adultery involved a married man and a married woman?

Political correctness justifies a gay affair for allowing the participant to express his "true self," but a husband involved with a much younger woman could similarly claim that only with his fresh, new love could his real nature come out.

The main problem with "Broke Back Mountain" isn't that it's pro-gay; it's that the emphasis on following your urges rather than honoring your responsibilities is, at its heart, anti-marriage.

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