Jewish World Review Dec. 14, 2004 / 2 Teves, 5765

Michael Medved

Michael Medved
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Is Canada really a ‘beacon in U.S. gloom’? | The recent elections sent die-hard Democrats into bizarre excesses of despair, illustrated by a startling headline in the Seattle Times that proclaimed: "CANADA SEEN AS BEACON IN U.S. GLOOM."

Though I hadn't personally noticed our national gloom, the accompanying article sorrowfully reported that hundreds of thousands of "the politically disaffected" plan to relocate north of the border. There they would find "values in line with their own," including stricter gun laws, gay marriage, generous welfare, and widely available marijuana.

Conservative Americans should wish such ideological immigrants bon voyage, while embracing our own more consequential lives in the greatest nation on earth.

We wish Canada well, but whatever happens in the Great White North matters very little to the rest of humanity or to the course of history.

What we do as Americans, however, will determine the future of the planet, and assure the continued existence of freedom and self-government.

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JWR contributor, author and film critic Michael Medved hosts a daily three-hour radio talk show broadcast in more than 120 cities throughout the United States. His latest book, written together with his wife, is Saving Childhood : Protecting Our Children from the National Assault on Innocence . You may contact him by clicking here.

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