Jewish World Review April 6, 2005 / 26 Adar II, 5765

Michael Medved

Michael Medved
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Affirmative action for chimps? | An international team of 250 scientists just completed a full map of the X or "female" chromosome that determines gender. The researchers expressed general amazement at finding a much greater than expected genetic variation between human males and females  —  a discovery that suggests that nature, not nurture or sexism, is directly responsible for many if not most of gender-based norms.

Their new conclusions appeared in the prestigious British journal "Nature," and suggested that "men and women may differ by as much as 2 percent of their entire genetic inheritance, greater than the hereditary gap between humankind and its closest relative   —   the chimpanzee."

In light of this startling report, politically correct extremists should at least reconsider their demands for precise gender equity on athletic teams, police forces, ballet companies, pre-schools and science departments  —  or else they need to launch an ambitious new drive for affirmative action for chimpanzees.

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Right Turns: Unconventional Lessons from a Controversial Life  

Michael Medved has taken an extraordinary journey from liberal activist to outspoken conservative. Along the way he has earned millions of admirers — and more than his share of enemies — by advancing controversial, often counterintuitive arguments. Sales help fund JWR.

JWR contributor, author and film critic Michael Medved hosts a daily three-hour radio talk show broadcast in more than 120 cities throughout the United States. Comment by clicking here.

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