Jewish World Review March 22, 2006 / 22 Adar, 5766

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Michael Medved
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V for vapid and vile | The new movie "V for Vendetta" qualifies as only mediocre entertainment, but offers a brilliant illustration of today's warped leftist mindset.

The film unequivocally glorifies a terrorist bomber and portrays his ultimate triumph with the cataclysmic destruction of the Houses of Parliament in London.

The Wachowski brothers, who previously made the "Matrix" films, feel such hatred for the film's fictional government — described as both conservative and Christian, persecuting Muslims and gays — that they treat V's anti-government mayhem as heroic.

"Blowing up a building can change the world," V proudly declares, while his police adversary discovers that previous terrorist outrages were actually staged by the government in order to seize more power.

Regarding this irresponsible, poisonously pro-terrorist fantasy, USA TODAY fatuously declares that "Vendetta examines the balance between national security and personal freedom" — as if its comic book romanticization of leftist lunacy constituted serious intellectual inquiry.

"V" for Vile, Vacuous, Venal and Vapid.

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