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Anne Applebaum Archives

01/13/05: The Torture Myth
12/16/04: Russia's last stand
12/02/04: The Freedom Haters
11/25/04: The New Iron Curtain
11/18/04: In ATMs, not votes, we trust
11/11/04: A German lesson for remaking Iraq
10/28/04: Time to tell Hussein's story
10/15/04: Is This the Flag To Help Rescue Iraq?
10/06/04: Small government is so 1990s
09/29/04: Student loan swindle
09/23/04: Rather irrelevant
09/02/04: Why snub the Tories?
08/19/04: Doing nothing? Nothing doing
08/12/04: Doing nothing? Nothing doing
08/05/04: Stem Cell stumping
07/28/04: The politicized and the apolitical
07/15/04: The ‘Target List’
07/08/04: The People vs. Hussein
07/01/04: Two-faced Chechnya policy
06/24/04: Clinton's Empty 'Life'
06/10/04: Sure we won Cold War, but why have we learned so little from it?
05/20/04: Blanding-down history
05/13/04: What would you do?
05/06/04: Willing torturers
04/23/04: Gov must get into Preventive Medicine for country's security
04/23/04: Powell: Having it both ways?
04/08/04: The literary divide
03/18/04: A Man of Letters
03/18/04: Western unity takes a hit
03/11/04: Is all well in Russia's new democracy?
02/26/04: ‘I Am Victim’
02/19/04: The Next Plague
02/12/04: Why can't Bush get the words right?
02/05/04: Why the silence over North Korea's concentration camps?
01/08/04: Mission to Nowhere
12/26/03: Faith and Freedom
12/18/03: Writing Iraq's secret history
12/11/03: Russia's a grown-up
12/04/03: Manners for politicians
12/01/03: Medicare: Malaise
11/13/03: Open-and-Shut Society
11/06/03: Russian Revanche
11/03/03: Putin arrested Russia's richest man as a warning to the others
10/23/03: See No Evil, Stop No Evil
10/16/03: Germans as Victims
10/09/03: Clarity is rude. Obfuscation is a virtue
09/25/03: Finding things to fear
09/18/03: Stubborn Swedes and 'United' Europe
09/11/03: The New Radical Chic
09/09/03: This call for help is about re-election?
09/04/03: You, too, can learn to speak Washington-speke
08/07/03: Winged Bureaucracy
07/31/03: When money talks too loudly
07/24/03: Parallel Universes
07/17/03: A coalition that dare not speak its name
07/10/03: Hillary and The Other Thatcher
07/03/03: Martha Stewart fantasizing
06/26/03: Bumbling bipartisanship
06/19/03: Just another one-horse town
06/12/03: America, the Gulag?
05/29/03: Memo to Bush: Europe is listening
05/22/03: Oh, the health care system is sick, all right — how not to fix it
04/25/03: After the Card Game
04/21/03: The U.N.'s human rights rituals
04/14/03: Bush risks his father's fate
04/10/03: Playing Russian Roulette?
04/03/03: Fighting for a tyrant
03/31/03: Mr. Blair, it's make-your-mind-up time
03/20/03: Blair in agony
03/18/03: Prez's big mistake was to listen to Blair
03/13/03: To each according to the risks
03/06/03: Radical Islam will also come to a swifter end if we abide by our own rules of decency at home, and apply them to others as well
02/27/03: Yankees, Come Here: Rumor has it Americans are welcome in Eastern Europe.
02/25/03: Faced with the conundrum of North Korea, wouldn't you prefer to invade Baghdad?
02/13/03: No bottom to this barrel
02/05/03: Ignore 'Europe' --- pay attention to Germany
01/30/03: Here comes the New Europe
01/23/03: There is little applause nowadays for folks who are "pro-business and pro-environment"
01/16/03: War without myth
01/08/03: Chatting with little green men
01/02/03: 007 in the DMZ
12/19/02: Iran is beginning to look a lot like Poland in the '80s
12/11/02: This was worth censoring?
11/27/02: In Austria, the fall of an extremist
11/20/02: Russian with a Western way
09/11/02: It really was the day the world changed
08/05/02: Leaks are confusing, but aim is clear --- and Saddam is now running scared
05/07/02: When Dubya met Pooty
05/07/02: Europe, Not Sure What to Make of Itself

© 2003, Anne Applebaum