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Published Dec. 21, 2018

New World Order | Irony
With the advent of driverless cars, new questions are being raised about a wide range of potential traffic situations. One example: What happens when police pull over an autonomous vehicle? According to The Washington Post, the company whose cars are now zipping around Phoenix is one car-length ahead of us: Alphabet's Waymo cars (Chrysler Pacifica minivans) will use "sensors to identify police or emergency vehicles by detecting their appearance, their sirens and their emergency lights," the company's "Emergency Response Guide" explains. "The Waymo vehicle is designed to pull over and stop when it finds a safe place to do so." Next, the car will unlock its doors and roll down its windows, allowing the police officer to communicate with a remote support team. The company will even send a human representative to the scene if necessary. So relax and enjoy the ride. Hal will take care of you. [Washington Post, 10/24/2018]

Kids at Pierre Part Primary school in Pierre Part, Louisiana, thought they knew what to expect during Red Ribbon Week, an annual alcohol awareness program, but a school administrator threw them a curveball, reported WBRZ-TV. Rachel Turley, 49, assistant principal at the school, was on her way to work on Oct. 29 when other motorists reported that she was driving dangerously on Highway 70. Officers caught up with her at the school and took her to a police substation, where they determined her blood alcohol content was .224, nearly three times the legal limit of .08. She was charged with DWI and careless operation. "The fact that she chose to do this on the Monday of Red Ribbon Week is a slap in the face," commented Niki Lacoste, grandparent of a Pierre Part student. [WBRZ-TV, 10/31/2018]