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Published Dec. 17, 2018

Who's Crying Now? |  Bright Ideas
After the package bomb scares in New York and Florida, things were tense in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the early morning hours of Oct. 30 when mailroom employees at Duke Energy discovered a suspicious incoming package. They welcomed the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police and the bomb squad with "Open Arms," and the building and surrounding roads were evacuated as officials investigated. But WBTV "Faithfully" reported that the small, hand-addressed manila envelope was "Worlds Apart" from a mail bomb: It merely contained a cassette tape with songs from the band Journey. To which we say, "Don't Stop Believin'" in your fellow '80s music-loving humans. [WBTV, 10/31/2018] Bright Ideas

Two mothers are suing the Adventure Learning Center day care in St. Louis over an incident in December 2016 when teachers organized a "fight club" among preschoolers. According to Fox 2 in St. Louis, the idea was conceived as a way to entertain the kids while the heater was broken.

The 10-year-old sibling of one of the preschoolers was in the room next door and captured video of the fights with an iPad, then texted the video to his mom, Nicole Merseal, who believes the fight was broken up only because she called the director of the center.

The video shows one teacher jumping up and down in excitement as another one puts "Incredible Hulk" fists on the kids, and cameras at the center recorded more than 30 minutes of fighting. While the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office declined to prosecute, the teachers were fired and the center has been subject to increased inspections, resulting in 26 violations. The lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial in this month. [Fox 2, 10/29/2018]