March 2nd, 2021


The Passing Parade

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Dec. 19, 2016

The Passing Parade

A utility line in Hood County, Tex., broke in August, five feet below ground on Andrea Adams's property, but Acton Municipal District worker Jimmie Cox, 23, came to the rescue--which involved Cox briefly submerging himself in the mud, face down to his waist, to clamp the line. He said, later, "In this line of work, [we] do it a lot." ( Photo)

On September 9th, a man (who said later he somehow could not stop his car) drove off of a nine-story downtown parking garage in Austin, Tex. The SUV hung upside down (caught only by the garage guide wire that wrapped around one wheel) until passers-by pulled him to safety. (Photo!) [WFAA-TV (Dallas-Fort Worth), 8-25-2016] [KXAN-TV (Austin), 9-9-2016]