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RIP: Rest In Pigs? | You over-taxed dollars at work

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Dec. 18, 2015

RIP: Rest In Pigs? | You over-taxed dollars at work

A chapter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals undertook one of its favorite consciousness-raising tactics in August, demanding that Pennsylvania officials erect a roadside grave marker near Lancaster at the spot where a tractor-trailer hauling 80 pigs overturned, killing several of them.

The "terrified animals" that suffered traumatic deaths should be memorialized by the community, PETA said.

The pigs, of course, would have eventually found their way to a slaughterhouse, and it is possible that the ones euthanized as a result of the accident passed more peacefully than the "survivors." [Lancaster Online, 8-24-2015]

In October, The Washington Post and the New York Post separately reported recent episodes of government agencies keeping high-earning employees on the payroll for more than a year, with no job assignment, because the agencies were unable to adjudicate their misconduct cases.

Almost 100 shelved Homeland Security employees turned up in a Washington Post Freedom of Information Act request, and one information technology analyst warehoused by the New York City employee pension fund said she had earned $1.3 million over 10 years doing absolutely no work for the city.

"I watched movies," said Niki Murphy. "I crocheted -- right in front of (supervisors)." [Washington Post, 10-22-2015] [New York Post, 10-25-2015]

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