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Memo to Libs: We've Had Enough!

Bernard Goldberg

By Bernard Goldberg

Published December 8, 2014

  Memo to Libs: We've Had Enough!

About a week ago, the New York Times ran an op-ed by Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson under the headline "Where Do We Go After Ferguson."

In it, the professor writes about what he sees as "the plague of white cops who kill unarmed black youth." He writes that the grand jury "failed" to indict Officer Darren Wilson. And he says, "To the police officer and to many whites, Michael Brown was the black menace writ large, the terrorizing phantom that stalks the white imagination." And then there's this observation about how, in the professor's view, whites generally see black males in this country: "Our American culture's fearful dehumanizing of black men materialized once again when Officer Wilson saw Michael Brown as a demonic force who had to be vanquished in a hail of bullets."

In other words: blacks = victim, whites = bad. We get it, professor.

That op-ed produced a number of letters to the editor of the Times including one by an emeritus professor of political science at Purdue University. Here's one sentence from that letter: "I am 'white,' so is my wife, so are most of our friends. Not one of us views the events as Mr. Dyson suggests. All of us are horrified by police brutality and the victimization of another young black man. Although a majority of whites may indeed blame the victim, a substantial minority does not."

There it is: good white, liberal racial manners on display right there in the letters section of the New York Times. What the professor is saying is: Yes, a "majority of whites" are racists who insensitively "blame the victim" but there are some of us — and I am one — who are not racists. We are among the few good white people."

And by "victim" the good professor is referring to Michael Brown who as we all know robbed a convenience store, pushed around its owner, walked in the middle of the road and mouthed off to a cop who told him to walk on the sidewalk, got into a scuffle with the cop and then tried to take his gun away." Only after all that was he shot dead.

But to liberals, Michael Brown was a "victim."

So here's a bulletin for the erudite professor from Purdue and to all the other liberals who think the way he does:

There are lots of us who were once liberal and are now conservative who care deeply about fair play and equal opportunity and civil rights. Those of us of a certain age were on the side of black people fighting for equality in the 60s. We detested the white cops who beat them simply for marching.

In other words, we are not the bigots you think we are. And not that you'll care, professor (and all you other liberals who see yourselves as morally superior) but we've had enough. And so have millions of so-called moderate Americans who aren't bigots either and are tired of being lumped in with George Wallace, Bull Connor and David Duke. We've all had enough of being called racists because we don't think Michael Brown is a victim, let alone a civil rights saint.

We've heard enough about how racists used to wear white sheets but now they wear suits (and vote Republican).

We've had enough of your "Hands up, Don't Shoot" demonstrations, which are based on lies.

We've had enough of your slogans like "black lives matter." We know that. Many of us knew that in 1965. But we're sick of hearing that mantra when you do nothing about the black lives that are taken every weekend in places like Chicago. I guess black lives only matter when a white person is somehow involved in the death.

We've had enough of Al Sharpton, though truth be told, we had enough of him a long time ago. But now there's something new involving the Reverend. Sharpton has become what Martin Luther King, Jr. once was — the leading voice for civil rights in America. Yes, I understand that this is like being the tallest midget. Still it's pathetic.

But if the absence today of great men in the civil rights establishment has left Sharpton standing atop the mountain — and if a tone deaf President Obama wants to bring Sharpton into the White House for conferences on how to bridge the gap between the races — then it is liberals — not conservatives — who are inflicting great damage to the ideals of liberalism in America regarding race.

Liberals like Professor Dyson and the professor from Purdue and all the others who see America in black and white have hardened decent Americans who hate discrimination. We don't want to hear about so-called white privilege as a root cause for black problems — not when it comes from people who won't talk about the dysfunction in parts of black America that lead to chaos and death.

Basically, we've had enough about hearing about how bad we are.

And here's another shocker, my liberal friends: Many of us are not only saddened by the death of Eric Garner on Staten Island but also think that his death should never have happened; that cops need to use better judgment when trying to arrest an unarmed man who whose crime was selling loose, untaxed cigarettes to people who can't afford more than $10 for a pack. Should Garner have resisted arrest? No! Should he have been treated as brutally as he was? No! Should at least one cop have been indicted? In the view of many of us on the right, Yes!

And you know what? While we think Michael Brown brought about his own demise, we wish that could have ended differently too. Maybe Officer Darren Wilson could have shot him in the legs, or waited for backup. We don't know.

But we do know that too many liberals don't care what Michael Brown did that day that brought about his death. All they care about is that Michael Brown was black and Darren Wilson is white. Case closed, right?

We know there are some white racist cops out there who shouldn't be allowed to wear a badge and carry a gun. But it's not the "plague" that too many liberals like Professor Dyson tell us it is. We're tired of hearing that white cops are the problem, when it's too much black crime that's the real problem.

And black crime is something liberals are not comfortable talking about. Too many white liberals have become apologists for bad behavior among too many African Americans. If liberals truly cared about young black men they would march with signs that scream: Don't Break the Law Don't Resist Arrest and Never Ever Go for a Cop's Gun.

We're not the people too many African Americans and white liberals in and out of academia and the media think we are. But the more important point is that, while it's been a long time coming, we don't give a damn what they think about us anymore.

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