Jewish World Review Dec. 8, 2003 / 13 Kislev, 5764

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White people, don't you dare go there | As our society becomes more and more racially splintered, there is a stark reality...white people can't speak or register their thoughts about race nor can they have an open dialog without being considered racist.

When football player, Junior Seau was asked how to stop San Diego Charger star running back LaDainian Tomlinson, he said: "Put a couple of buckets of chicken and some watermelon in front of him and maybe that would stop him." The Miami Dolphin's Seau, who is himself a minority, was wearing a Tomlinson jersey at the time. He later said Tomlinson, a former teammate, was one of his best friends and that there was no issue. Tomlinson later agreed and said he didn't know what all the fuss was about.

Yet a few years ago, Fuzzy Zoeller, a white pro golfer, was asked what he thought Black Pro Golfer Tiger Woods was going to serve at the Masters dinner, Zoeller replied, "Chicken, watermelon, or whatever those people eat." Zoeller was called a racist, had to apologize to Tiger, and the Masters Tournament. He quickly lost his gig as a K-Mart pitchman.

Gambler Jimmy " The Greek" said Blacks were better athletes because they were bred to be that way by their slave owners. He was promptly fired.

Yet Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker, who happens to be Black, was asked about his players playing in the extreme heat. He said: " That is no problem for my players, because that's what we were brought over here for, wasn't it?" Baker never backed down from his comment, stating that's what his mother told him.

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HBO had a special where personal letters of slaves were read aloud by Black celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Ruby Dee, and Don Cheadle. In one of the letters, a slave girl wrote: "I'm a teenage girl and my master married me to a slave from another plantation because he was strong, big, and healthy. He wanted good, strong workers for his fields and big healthy slaves that he could sell."

Trent Lott said the country would have been much better off if known segregationist Strom Thumond had been elected President in 1948. There was a national outcry and he was soon stripped of his Majority Chairmanship, lost a number of his other privileges, and, of course, was forced to make a public apology.

Yet Black Muslin leader Louis Farrakhan, calls Caucasian people the "White Devil". Throughout the world there are Muslims of all colors, as Malcolm X describes in the Alex Haley bio. But in America, we have a group called the "Black Muslims."

Jayson Blair, the disgraced New York Times "writer" said he knew he wouldn't be fired just because he is black.

Then there was, of course, Rush Limbaugh. He made a truthful observation about Donavan McNabb, a Black quarterback, and soon was without a position on sports network ESPN. He had people bailing out on him faster than a ham at a Bar Mitzvah. This, despite the fact McNabb was repeatedly attacked much worse on local Philadelphia sports radio.

And when presidential candidate Howard Dean said he wanted to represent guys who drive pick-up trucks with Confederate flags on them, he was called arrogant and some have called him a racist.

Yes, folks, there is a double standard.

No, it's not fair and yes, it's going to continue. We're in a "Cold War" with regard to racial relations. The Hispanic race is more segregated than ever before because of many things, especially the Media. There are "Black" Hispanics and racially exclusive networks. The "Lunchroom Mentality" continues...racially exclusive groups hanging out together. For example, look at Columbine. There are parts of Miami — known as Little Havana — where English is the second or third language.

Dialogue among the races is strident. White people are frozen out of "ANY" discussion on race because of the severe consequences. Races don't have to sing Kum By Yah, but it would be nice to see the races respecting each other.

One thing we do know as fact. When it comes to talking about race — "White People, don't go there."

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