Jewish World Review Nov. 21, 2002 / 16 Kislev, 5763

Jimmie Walker

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Fry them! If not now, when? | For almost a month, two snipers held Washington D.C. hostage randomly and willingly killing innocent people and children. These folks were doing the most mundane tasks from gassing their cars to mowing their lawns. These "Killings" were done without regard to race or economic status. They terrorized and destroyed people's lives as well as the economy of three municipalities.

They did this in a cold and calculated manor and, if it weren't for "EGO," they would've never been caught. Now, like a melting glacier, many more killings are being discovered. We'll probably never know the extent of their terror. It's time for them to pay the ultimate price...DEATH!

But, as usual, there are people, the usual suspects...Mike Farrell...Ed Asner...Susan Sarandon...Jesse Jackson (by the way, where's Jesse and why isn't he denouncing these horrible murders...the killers are Black...if there were any hint that these guys were innocent...Jesse would be marching in front of the White House...a strong denouncing from Jesse would be nice) anyway, these advocates are saying "IF" these men are found guilty, the death penalty shouldn't be invoked.

If not now, WHEN?

In our society, the "Murderees" have more rights than the "Murderis".

The arguments are the same..."it's inhumane." Is killing at least ten people in a cold and calculated way "humane"? They are boastful and unremorseful. We can't bring the victims back...True...but there must be a penalty.

If you don't pay your cards...or you fail a test in school...there's a penalty. Oh, spending the rest of your life behind bars is penalty enough. A penalty? You're talking about two men who were living out of their car and eating crackers and honey. They'll have free health care and legal better than their victims had.

These men are captives of their own acts. This is the ideal death penalty case! People in positions of power talk tough about crime punishment but, when it comes down to it, murderers like these have to beg to be put to death (the Highway Prostitute in Florida and Timothy McVeigh to name a couple).

Of course, there is the exception of the state of Texas.

Our courts aren't any good if they don't impose the ultimate penalty on our most hideous murderers. Is there any justice for the families?

Not if they don't give these two the Fatal Justice they deserve.

If not now, WHEN?

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© 2002, Jimmie Walker