Jewish World Review Dec. 5, 2002 / 30 Kislev, 5763

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Moral Glaucoma | Glaucoma is a disease that slowly takes away your eyesight without you noticing until it's too late. That's what is happening to the moral fiber in America.

Opie and Anthony, a couple of "Shock Jocks" out of New York, pushed the envelope to the limit. As part of a "Contest" they broadcast a couple having sex at St. Patrick's Cathedral...during Mass. Soon after, they were taken off the air. How did the duo wind up in New York to begin with? They were fired from a Boston station for pulling a different stunt. The two made a false claim on-air that Boston Mayor, Tom Menino, had been killed in a car crash. Soon after, they were hired by New York radio station WNEW-FM.

Opie and Anthony's ratings in the all important eighteen to thirty-four year old demographic placed them in the top three stations in the New York market. "Shock Jocks" have long been a bastion of bad taste under the guise of First Amendment rights.

Major League ballplayer Darryl Kile recently died of blocked coronary arteries at the age of thirty-two, leaving three young children behind. His widow, Flynn Kile, was invited to travel with the team during the playoffs so she could be with friends during her time of mourning. Beau Duran of radio station KUPD in Phoenix called her at the team hotel and said since she was now single and a "Hot Chick" would she go to the game with him since she didn't have a date.


Shock Jocks from Howard Stern to Mancow have been fined by the FCC for lewd language, song parodies, racist remarks, and even castrating a pig.

Parents wonder where their kids get this language? All you have to do is get on a school bus or go to a school yard, something that parents can't imagine.

The Walkmans and radio gear that the kids are listening to, that's where they hear it. Like the single-parent explosion, gay marriages, and child care centers in high schools, "Shock Jocks" have become part of the "American Fiber." These are things that Americans couldn't have imagined thirty or forty years ago.

Lancaster, California...two teenage girls (sixteen and seventeen years old) with their boyfriends, kidnapped at a lovers lane at one o'clock in the morning. Thank goodness the girls are safe and the kidnapper killed, but no one ever asked, "Why were these teenage girls at a lovers lane spot at one in the morning?" Where are the parents? These couples didn't go to that lovers lane spot for a "Bible reading."

This is "normal" behavior" in today's society. It is just one of the many reasons that America has "Moral Glaucoma."

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