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By News of the Weird

Published Nov. 29, 2019

Compelling Explanation |  Smooth Reaction

An unnamed resident of the Wilson Lane apartments in Elkins, West Virginia, told police she left her home for a few minutes on Oct. 18, returning a short time later to find a neighbor, Ronald L. Thorne Jr., 52, "standing in her apartment eating her lasagna from the refrigerator."

He went on to tell her he "just wanted to talk and maybe more," and then he returned to his own apartment, carrying the lasagna and one of her forks, according to the police report.

The Inter-Mountain reports the woman also told Randolph County Sheriff's officers that her home had been ransacked and $20 was missing from her purse. When officers confronted Thorne, he told them he "had been sleepwalking and had woke up standing in his neighbor's apartment," the complaint stated.

The officers also noticed a pan of lasagna on his table, and Thorne told them "she could have it back."

Thorne was arrested and charged with burglary; as he was being processed, a $20 bill was found in his wallet. [The Inter-Mountain, 10/22/2019]

In Shelbyville, Kentucky, on Oct. 28, a female customer picking up her food at a KFC drive-thru became angry when she realized she didn't have a fork and a napkin, witnesses told WLKY, so she pulled out a gun and shot out the drive-thru window.

KFC released a statement expressing gratitude that no one was shot, and Charlene Witt, the manager of the Subway restaurant across the street, is using the incident as a teaching moment in her own store: "If someone comes in irate, just give them what they want. ... [G]et them out of the store as quick as you can."

Police are still searching for the woman. [WLKY, 10/28/2019]