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News that Sounds Like a Joke | It's Not 'One World'

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published Nov. 5, 2019

News that Sounds Like a Joke |  It's Not 'One World'

The Hudson Regional Health Commission in New Jersey is investigating a mystery odor, according to WABC.

People in Jersey City and Bayonne complained about the smell on Sept. 24, and officials, following the wind, searched in Newark but couldn't identify the source of the odor, which some described as similar to rotting fish.

"Being a peninsula, we have water on three sides and sometimes at low tide you can smell the bay," explained Edoardo Ferrante, coordinator at the Office of Emergency Management.

"It was really nothing like that. It was a very nasty, almost like a foul meat type of smell." The HRHC is continuing to investigate the odor. [WABC, 9/25/2019]

ThereBozhena Synychka, 20, and Volodymyr Zaitsev, 25, just got "tired of looking after" their toddler boys, Andrey, 3, and Maksim, 2. So in mid-August, they dropped the boys off at a homeless encampment in Zaporizhia, Ukraine -- and didn't come back.

The naked toddlers were watched over by men at the camp for a week as they drank from a river and foraged through trash for food, until passerby Olena Tashevska spotted them on Aug. 26 and called police, reported the Daily Mail.

A pediatrician who examined them at the hospital said they suffered from viral infections and malnutrition.

"They are weak now and barely can walk," Dr. Taisa Klimenko told local media.

Police are pursuing criminal charges against the parents, and the boys are living in an orphanage in the meantime. [Daily Mail, 9/23/2019]