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Gee, that certainly explains it | Anger Management

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By News of the Weird

Published Nov. 30, 2017

Gee, that certainly explains it  |  Anger Management

Jeremy A. Perkins, 27, was led astray by someone who told him "the purge" was happening on Aug. 12 in Kansas City, Missouri. ("The Purge" was a 2013 horror film that envisioned a temporary decriminalization of all criminal acts, after which society collapses in chaos.) In response (and high on methamphetamines), Perkins climbed to the top of a building and began throwing rocks at passing vehicles. Perkins told responding officers that he perceived everyone as his enemy and was trying to protect himself. He added that if he had had a gun, he would have shot people. [FOX4KC, 8/14/2017]

Customers at a Flying J truck stop in West Hanover Township, Virginia, got quite the show on Aug. 14 when Craig Troccia, 54, of Roanoke smashed the windshield of his truck and poured a cup of urine onto the interior. Wait -- did we mention Troccia was naked? He then yelled a racial epithet at a black man and flashed his genitals at everyone within sight. Next, (still naked) Troccia pointed a gun at the same man and then at another man and threatened to kill them both. After state troopers loaded Troccia into their cruiser, he "slammed his body and head on the various panels of the vehicle," they reported. He was charged with 34 criminal counts, including public drunkenness. [Penn Live, 8/15/2017]