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Readers' Choice

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Nov. 23, 2015

Readers' Choice

(1) In August, Che Hearn, 25, who police said had just shoplifted electronics items from the Wal-Mart in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, was picked up while on foot near the store. Police found that Hearn had actually driven his car to the Wal-Mart but that while he was inside shoplifting, a repo agent (who had followed him to the store) had confiscated it.

(2) Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (the sixth man to walk on the moon) told a reporter in August that "my own experience talking to people" has made it clear that extraterrestrials are trying "to keep us from going to war" with Russia and that U.S. military officers have told him that their test missiles are "frequently" shot down "by alien spacecraft." [Lake County News-Sun, 8-7-2015] [Fox News, 8-15-2015]

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