Jewish World Review Nov. 1, 2002 / 26 Mar-Cheshvan, 5763

Lewis A. Fein

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America's moral reporter | When did a statue of George Washington or a bust of Thomas Jefferson or a relief of Alexander Hamilton become interchangeable with a mural of Mussolini or a monument for Hitler? When or why did the political Left morally vandalize our national treasures -- marble temples and granite names, stoic leaders and principled warriors -- for the purposes of "equality" and "justice"? For Daniel J. Flynn, author of the excitingly new book "Why The Left Hates America," the answers to these questions -- answers found in Wall Street's canyons, Pennsylvania's countryside and the Pentagon's damaged corners -- remain permanently fixed -- with 9/11 conspicuously and deliberately circled.

Flynn reveals the Left's inherent hatred toward America: an involuntary smirk and reflexive foot-stomping, as Muslim extremists claim the lives of thousands and threaten the safety of millions. His reporting provides numerous examples of teachers and students dedicated to a proposition -- contrary to the Constitution's promise and Abraham Lincoln's guarantee, one bought with blood and protected by eternal vigilance -- that America is a racist, sexist, imperialist nation. This inflexible hatred of America is official policy among the nation's most prominent colleges and universities.

America's college campuses -- from its classrooms to newspapers to official brochures -- perpetuate national self-hatred. For example: the college pavilion or conference center may feature numerous flags (dictatorial logos juxtaposed alongside totalitarian symbols, Cuba's star and North Korea's communist emblem), but intentionally excludes Old Glory; professors may condemn American slavery, but purposefully ignore black emancipation; administrators may welcome former criminals or violent radicals, but protest conservative speakers. Such behavior currently constitutes a college "education."

Flynn also demolishes the false belief about moral relativism. His analysis is an answer posed by a question, Why is the Left unable to morally distinguish between, say, Islamic fundamentalism and American justice? Why does the Left refuse to acknowledge the assorted crimes of Fidel Castro or Josef Stalin or Saddam Hussein, while forever indicting various Western leaders of "war crimes" or excessive behavior? Why is the Left silent about America's commitment toward equality - including this nation's most honorable struggles, waged on Southern streets and weathered in county jails; memorialized in Memphis and commemorated in Georgia - while popularizing some of Africa's most corrupt and violent regimes?

The answer to all these questions is both obvious and awful: the Left ignores genuine injustice but celebrates actual tyranny because - notwithstanding its own predisposition against Western civilization and constitutional freedom - national self-hatred is simply fashionable. In Malibu and Manhattan, throughout Beverly Hills and Brooklyn Heights, across Park Avenue and inside Palm Beach County -- cosmopolitanism reigns supreme. For such individuals, America is a political layover between another European jaunt or Asian excursion. America thus becomes a diversion - a detour for the worldly - to photograph or laugh at this nation's churches, synagogues or citadels of national importance.

Dan Flynn's book is a necessary contribution toward alleviating a national phenomenon: American self-hatred. His book is timely, not because self-hatred is new or unfamiliar (a regrettable fact, to be sure) but because - in the aftermath of the greatest single act of international terrorism - self-hatred is the worst form of moral appeasement. Self-hatred is a threat to historical accuracy and legal justice. Such behavior denies American fortitude, while it excuses unspeakable evil. Unfortunately, the Left truly hates America.

JWR contributor Lewis A. Fein is a writer and Internet entrepreneur in Los Angeles.Comment by clicking here.


© 2002, Lewis A. Fein