Jewish World Review Nov. 22, 2002 / 17 Kislev, 5763

Lewis A. Fein

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Are you now or
have you ever been -- Given every chance at redemption, and offered every opportunity for power, the Democratic Party still refuses to accept history's most obvious lesson: that a party once infiltrated by communist sympathizers, and now overrun by national self-hatred, will once again abandon any moral claim toward responsible leadership. For, where some privately saluted or secretly cheered the communist hammer, thousands more currently celebrate - and millions worldwide encouragingly echo - Islam's militant call. These individuals do not endorse theocratic laws and brutal punishments. Rather, these people support laws to prevent, and terrible actions to discourage, America's presence throughout the world -- as a force for democracy and a beacon for man; a light across the globe.

Indeed, watch freedom's light. Observe the tyrannical hand that would obscure it, and recognize the aide who would diminish it. Look upon the rocks of servitude and oppression, and collect the hymns of slavery and the psalms of imprisonment: the verses - written behind ivy walls and iron gates; beneath Latin words and Roman temples - that condemn America; this is the Left's exclusive copyright.

But it is the Democratic Party, an organization already morally weakened, that stands athwart the shoals of relativism and indifference with the ultimate greeting -- "Welcome. You have our hospitality, but ye shall never fear our judgment." And so it is.

Today, the Democratic Party is just as confused as it was during the Cold War. The Party's elites, people for whom the Soviet empire's extensive crimes (its arbitrary arrests and midnight murders; its secret prisons and silent killers) were merely Utopia's growing pains, now face another enemy of international proportions; and their response is exactly the same: Excuses! Excuses for Islamic fundamentalism and terrorist violence. Excuses for religious hatred and anti-Semitic behavior. Excuses for the Democratic Party's inaction and liberalism's ineptness.

These excuses are painfully familiar. For it is the Democratic Party - and the Democratic Party alone - that remains the Soviet Union's American translator -- a political escort, rushing the moral few and ignorant many past the gulag and the Siberian hell; past Andrei Sakhorav and toward Josef Stalin. The Party that once accepted Soviet communism as permanent now considers Islamic fundamentalism's triumph as inevitable. And history will once again prove the Democrats wrong.

History will vindicate freedom's defenders, because the foundations of injustice - from Hitler's Berlin to Hussein's Baghdad - will never take root upon the soil of humanity and individual fulfillment. Instead, there will be an uprising among the righteous: a movement lit by force and tempered by justice, a revolt against one tyrant (and a warning for all others); that slavery is still the native's cancer, even if socialism reduces poverty or Iraq has its own parliament. In short, freedom cannot coexist with a little bit of slavery.

But freedom will also never survive within a world of moral confusion. Freedom requires vigilance and confidence, a response to the relativist's question -- Why should we judge other societies, regardless of whether the SS exterminated Jews or the KGB tortured prisoners or the Republican Guard slaughtered Kurdish refugees, when we ourselves enslaved blacks and mistreated the American Indian? As if the blood spilt at Gettysburg and Antietam, burnt in Atlanta and reconciled by Appomattox, means nothing. Indeed, the moral relativist has his answer; he simply hates the response.

The Democratic Party has an opportunity to retake its political soul. The Party has a genuine chance to forsake its excuses for Soviet tyranny and Islamic terror. The Party has a moral responsibility to read aloud every captive's plea, and to recite every recaptured slave's promise:

"Their end is near. I know because I was free."

JWR contributor Lewis A. Fein is a writer and Internet entrepreneur in Los Angeles.Comment by clicking here.


© 2002, Lewis A. Fein