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Bright Ideas?

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published Oct. 9, 2019

Bright Ideas?

In the Mexican state of Tlaxcala, high school instructor Luis Juarez Texis inflamed the ire of parents when he made students wear cardboard boxes (with cut-out eye holes) on their heads as they took an exam in order to deter cheating.

Parents are calling for Texis' removal, OddityCentral reported, saying the boxes amounted to "acts of humiliation, physical, emotional and psychological violence."

Others, however, applauded Texis' idea, with one saying the boxes "teach them a great lesson."

Texis told reporters the students consented to the anti-cheating method. [OddityCentral, 9/2/2019]

A graffiti artist in Frankston, Australia, has been painting the Melbourne suburb purple with a message to someone named Chris, saying "u need 2 talk 2 me B4 baby is born, or don't bother after," according to a July 30 report from the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

The messages have appeared on several public spaces, such as sidewalks and the sides of buildings.

Frankston Mayor Michael O'Reilly said the city council "would encourage those involved to consider more constructive, and less illegal ways of communicating in the future. ... I hope Chris and this mystery person can work through their issues." [ABC, 7/30/2019]