Jewish World Review Oct. 20, 2004 /5 Mar-Cheshvan 5765

Marty Nemko

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In Search of a candidate I can be passionate about | I'm looking for a candidate I can passionately believe in.

I'm scared of hubristic, religion-driven, corporate-beholden zealots like George Bush.

I'm even more scared of liberals like John Kerry who, in nonpartisan analysis, has the Senate's most liberal voting record. At its essence, that means Kerry is the most willing to redistribute the wealth from those with the greatest potential to contribute to society to those with the least — a formula for accelerating our descent into third-world status. Of course, Ralph Nader would be even more liberal.

I've decided, for the first time, to vote for a third-party candidate, Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian, because it sends the clearest message that we need an alternative to the two-party system. I worry that the poor would suffer under the libertarians and that environment would be damaged because of libertarians' disdain for regulation, but I like that the libertarians would never have invaded Iraq, support a woman's right to choose, and would reduce our taxes, so we would voluntarily choose which services to fund rather than be forced to fund an enormous number of them, including many programs that are known to be ridiculously cost-ineffective(!), with no choice in the matter. And libertarians would have the private sector provide those services, which, because of competition, is more efficient than services provided by the government monopoly.

But I believe that what we really need is a new system of electing our government leaders.

Here's one approach.

I would reduce barriers to ballot access for third-party candidates. We need choice beyond the Democrat/Republican duopoly.

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All campaigns would be just three weeks long and publicly funded. Under our current system, most really good candidates are unwilling to run because it requires endless fundraising and post-election payback instead of decision-making based on what's best for the citizenry.

Commercials would be prohibited and each race would include at least two debates.

Every registered voter would receive a two-pager produced by a non-partisan organization such as the League of Women Voters describing each candidate's voting record and positions on the central issues. It would also include a statement from each candidate with an independent analysis of its accuracy.

I'm hoping that such a system would generate outstanding candidates independent of special interests so their focus could purely be on the commonweal. Among such candidates, perhaps I could find one I'd be truly passionate about.

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