Jewish World Review Jan. 21, 2003 / 18 Shevat, 5763

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L'Affaire Lott | Now that the L'Affaire Lott has died down, and with it the nation's emotions, here is something to think about: You may not like Trent Lott's politics or views, but doesn't he have the right to think the way he does?

Aren't we a country of free debate? Aren't there two sides to every discussion? Do we rubber stamp every piece of legislation?

No, Trent Lott isn't alone in his thoughts. Like Archie Bunker, many think his way. However, in this age of "Political Correctness," they are afraid to make their feelings known. Is there any logical person the country who thinks that there is no prejudice in our Government or anywhere else in the United States?

Now, let's look at the people who've been the loudest.

  • Jesse Jackson. He has a child out of wedlock and used the racist term "Hymie Town" to describe Jewish people in New York.

  • Teddy Kennedy. Drunk driving charges ... let's not forget Chappaquikdick.

  • Democratic Senator Robert W. Byrd. A former Klan member who used the "N" word on TV.

In Lott's own party.

  • Henry Hyde had a relationship with a woman (not his wife) which broke up her marriage.

  • Dan Burton --- also had a child out of wedlock whom he has taken care of for twenty years.

Is Trent Lott the face of the Republican Party? He's one part of the Republican Party.

Is Senior Democratic Representative Barney Frank the face of the Democratic Party? No, he's part of the fabric of the Party.

Trent Lott is a modern day 40's, 50's, and 60's "DixieCrat" even though he's a Republican. He's not as visible as his previous "DixieCrats"... the likes of Bull Conner, John Stennis, and George Wallace... but does that mean that he doesn't get a voice?

If people hated Strom Thurmond's policies so much, why didn't they vote him out of office at some point in his over fifty years as an elected official?

It seems that we're dealing with a "Politically Correct Double Standard," whether we admit it or not.

Chris Rock, on his HBO special from the Apollo Theater in New York City, gets up and says, "I hate white people." and no one says a word. As a matter of fact, it was nominated for an Emmy.

But, if Jeff Foxworthy got up at the Grand Old Opry and said, "Hey, I hate Black People."... Just imagine!

There's a fallacy that everyone in the United States must love everyone and that's simply not true.

Just look at the divorce rate ... It's at an all-time high and those people even picked each other! Trent Lott doesn't have to have minorities move into his home. He has hired minorities as well as gotten jobs for minorities in his state. The message needs to be clear... Racism is wrong. 1948 might have been a more honest pe

riod in our country because we knew where everyone stood. To prove that you're a liberal, must everyone say, "I grew up listening to Motown music and Bill Cosby albums"? The enemy we know is better than the enemy we don't.

The Republicans take great pride in saying that they are the "Party of Lincoln." But would there have been a Lincoln without a Stephen Douglas? Would there have been a Martin Luther King without a George Wallace or Bull Conner and others of their ilk?

It's interesting that Strom Thurmond has never authored a major piece of legislation. But, in his over fifty years of public service, he's always moved the debate and isn't debate what this Country is all about? For all of those who have run to the so-called "High Ground on the Trent Lott Issue" remember..."Let those without sin cast the first stone."

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