Jewish World Review Oct. 16, 2003 / 20 Tishrei, 5764

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The Gospel according to ‘The Simpsons’? | One Scottish church is now offering the gospel according to "The Simpsons." Plagued by low attendance, the Holburn West Church in Aberdeen plans to offer four classes on the religious lessons that can be gleaned from "The Simpsons."

Each of the meetings in Scotland will apparently cover a different episode, with a group discussion to follow.

According to a spokesman for the church, "The Simpson" is one of the few television programs which portrays a family who attend church regularly. Entertainer Harry Shearer, the voice of both Reverend Lovejoy and the very pious Ned Flanders, said several years ago that there were, in fact, cults devoted to the two characters in Great Britain.


The top three similarities between Homer's brood and the good book:

No. 3, the Bible's got the devil. "The Simpsons" has Mr. Burns.

No. 2, the Bible has Cain and Abel, "The Simpsons" Bart and Lisa, although the terms "Ouch" and "Quit it" do not actually appear in the biblical story of the murderous sibling.

No. 1, you can't miss the similarities between Springfield and the Garden of Eden. A) Nobody knows exactly where either of them is. B) As Adam could not resist the forbidden fruit, Homer cannot resist the forbidden foam of Duff Beer.

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