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News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published Sept. 14, 2020

Chutzpah | Aspirations

Daniel Albert Neja, 39, is a homeless man who resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. For nearly two weeks, however, Neja lived in relative luxury, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Neja was arrested on Aug. 9 after a cleaning crew found razors, shaving cream containers and blankets in a seldom-cleaned suite at Al Lang Stadium, where the Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer team plays. Neja had been helping himself to food and Rowdies clothing valued at more than $1,000. He had also consumed $250 worth of drinks. [Tampa Bay Times, 8/13/2020]

Pal Onnen of Hastings, Minnesota, just wanted to put her nwot on the pam, United Press International reported. And indeed, on Aug. 12, she did just taht. Onnen set the Guinness World Record for spelling words backward: 56 words in one etunim. Sgnitsah is so proud of you! [United Press International, 8/13/2020]