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Fowl! | Spoiled

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published Sept. 18, 2019

Fowl! |  Spoiled

An upscale neighborhood near the Ibis Golf and Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, is all a-flutter over some unwelcome guests: dozens of black vultures.

The Palm Beach Post reports that a New York family can no longer visit the $700,000 vacation home they bought earlier this year because the birds have defecated and vomited all around it, leaving a smell "like a thousand rotting corpses," claimed homeowner Siobhan Casimano.

Homeowner Cheryl Katz put out fake owls with moving heads and blinking red lights for eyes to scare off the birds, but she said the vultures "ripped the heads off."

Katz had to summon police when the vultures became trapped in her pool enclosure and attacked each other: "Blood was everywhere," she told the Post.

Katz and other homeowners blame the invasion on a neighbor who feeds wildlife, supplying bags of dog food, roasted chicken and trays of sandwiches for their enjoyment.

Neighborhood association president Gordon Holness told the Post the neighbor has been issued a warning, but the migratory birds are protected by federal law. [Palm Beach Post, 8/15/2019]

A young man identified only as Akash, in Yamunanagar, Haryana state in northern India, received a brand-new BMW from his parents for his birthday, reported Fox News on Aug. 12.

But Akash, who had nagged his parents for a Jaguar instead, told police the BMW was "a little small for him and his friends inside."

So he pushed the new vehicle into a river, where it sank into deep water and had to be pulled out with a crane.

"The youth was arrogant and kept insisting that he be given a Jaguar," police said. "We could only afford to give him a BMW," said his father. "We never imagined he would do anything like this." [Fox News, 8/12/2019]