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09/12/05: The iconography of hell and our guilt
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08/31/04: Lawsuit meant to help humanity is impacting negatively on the humanities
08/25/04: Dada poetry
08/11/04: A place to roll on the floor
07/22/04: The reading catastrophe
03/17/03: The talking carp
01/24/03: Old commies and bohemians never say die
01/02/03: Larry's dream
12/10/02: Notes on the mustache
10/28/02: Silence
09/11/02: 9/11 for Allen Ginsberg
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04/12/02: DRACULA-LAND
03/21/02: Sacred ritual
02/22/02: Invasion of the Nanny-seekers
02/08/02: The body of liberty

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