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09/27/04: Big media is getting a crash course on the market
09/14/04: GOPers have bigger problems than Kerry
09/09/04: Washington politicians are bankrupting America, and they're putting our national security at risk
08/25/04: You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em
08/24/04: Media's in desperation mode and their bias is transparent
08/23/04: Not so swift
08/20/04: Why the Swift Boat ads are working
08/16/04: Up-close and personal with the president
08/04/04: Irony of security and liberty
08/04/04: The media should trust, but verify
07/26/04: Why so many Americans hate Washington
07/22/04: Berger as Inspector Clouseau?
07/15/04: Moore is infecting the Democrat party
07/14/04: I've got issues
07/07/04: Will the media call a cease-fire in its war with America's foreign policy?
07/01/04: Iraqi is now free, whether the media like it or not
06/28/04: ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ distorts the truth: Deceit and deception is breathtaking
06/24/04: Clinton keeps reminding America why he is still our most divisive political figure
06/23/04: The final chapter on Bill Clinton has yet to be written
06/18/04: Truth seeker is a liar
06/17/04: Clinton P.R. machine is revving up — expect Kerry to be the one who is run over
06/16/04: The Saudis can't have it both ways anymore
05/24/04: Hate the prez, hate the troops and hate American foreign policy, while not actively hurting our country's foreign policy goals
05/21/04: Senators are posing while American troops are trying to win a war
05/20/04: American G.I.s are fighting a two front war — one against foreign terrorists and the other against America's media
05/19/04: Lib elites' feeding frenzy continues and it's taking a bite out of the right
05/17/04: American media takes a page from Al-Jazeera
05/14/04: Americans get it, our media still doesn't
05/13/04: A reminder of the enemy's true nature: A crime that puts the prison abuse into perspective
05/12/04: Any senator or any congressman claiming to be blindsided by this scandal has nobody to blame but themselves
05/10/04: The media cares about human rights after all — but why was Hussein's mistreatment of own people downplayed?
05/06/04: Is John Kerry fit to be commander in chief?
05/05/04: Iraq POW abuse: The military deserves the black eye, but those throwing punches should look in the mirror, too
04/30/04: What Hillary told the Arab world …and why the tone of anti-war criticism matters
04/27/04: Still looks like a landslide for prez
04/26/04: Flag-draped coffins are sadly part of the story
04/22/04: Shady Saudi dealings: Allegations in Woodward's book are troubling
04/21/04: Kerry has to find his voice: 'Meet the Press' appearance shows Kerry still torn
04/11/04: Rice showed grace under pressure
04/08/04: Anarchy descends on Iraq: The Iraq battlefield is changing
04/05/04: Our dear Saudi allies are putting the gun to America's head
04/01/04: Despite the violence, democracy is Iraq's destiny
04/01/04: The never-ending 9/11 blame game
03/22/04: My advice for John Kerry: Run on the economy, not the war on terror
03/17/04: A civilization at war
03/12/04: Is pol who walks to the beat of his own drummer considering revenge?
03/11/04: Funny, how it's wrong for this president to actually talk about a war that we're fighting right now
03/08/04: Nothing more than a show trial: Meanwhile, the real corporate thieves are roaming free
02/20/04: In a sex-crazed society, why should we be shocked?
02/18/04: The Bush machine is broken down: Time to fight back
02/17/04: The long knives are out: Get ready for the presidential race
02/13/04: Will Kerry's past words on Vietnam haunt him?
01/26/04: It's not over for Howard Dean
01/14/04: Why did Fox begin its football coverage last Sunday with a political attack on Rush?
01/13/04: Can we afford a mission to mars? How about vests for our troops first?
01/08/04: Rewriting the rules on immigration: Bush plan allows American employers to hire Mexican citizens to fill American jobs
12/23/03: When you take down one bully on the block, others will take notice
12/22/03: Gutter politics at its worst
12/19/03: Are you safer off today?
12/17/03: Oh, really, Governor Dean?
12/15/03: Playing political games with illegal immigration: Buying votes affects us all
12/10/03: By embracing Howard Dean, Al Gore has put a radical face on mainstream Democratic politics
11/21/03: Parents, police dropped the ball on Jackson
11/14/03: Why Lynch can't have it both ways
11/10/03: You don't have to be racist to win elections in the South
10/24/03: Why the most powerful political dynasty succeeds
10/22/03: Ruining our military, soldier by soldier
10/16/03: Not the same as slander
10/08/03: The losers in the California recall election will be California's voters
10/07/03: In defense of Rush and Arnold
10/03/03: Hate-filled talk gets in the way of discourse
10/02/03: ‘The Real Deal’ on the 87 billion
09/25/03: With no apologies
09/24/03: Sen. Ted Kennedy, Dems, trying to damage the president's speech
09/23/03: How Ted Kennedy continues to help prez
09/22/03: We are not going to get fooled again
09/19/03: Heads should roll
09/17/03: Judicial politics at its worst 09/16/03: Definitely Dean
09/15/03: Score one for the good guys
09/10/03: Facing down terrorists starts with facing down governmental accountants
09/08/03: What the Dems' first debate showed
09/05/03: ‘The Real Deal ’ on Air Force pork barrel
09/04/03: How one man's investigation has blown the lid off of Saudi Arabia's partnership with Osama bin Laden
09/02/03: Why send post-war help with so much opposition to U.S.?
08/29/03: Alabama outcry is downright wrong
08/28/03: Time for feds to pull the trigger on a new law
08/27/03: No easy access for foreigners
08/18/03: How we don't take care of our troops: It's a national disgrace
08/07/03: Making good on our promises
08/05/03: Don't deal with thugs
08/04/03: The Buzz
08/02/03: Bush is ‘The Real Deal’
07/31/03: Liberal hypocrisy at its worst
07/30/03: ‘The Real Deal’ on Worldcom/MCI
07/24/03: Burying an Iraqi myth
07/22/03: How my mom would prosecute the Kobe case
07/18/03: The U.N. and gun control
07/17/03: Impeaching Bush
07/15/03: NAACP is getting a tax-free ride
07/14/03: No wonder most Americans hate politics
07/13/03: This time, Robertson did it to himself
07/11/03: Iraq uranium flap: What did Congress know and when did they know it?
07/10/03: Turning a blind eye to corporate crimes and playing fast and loose with your money
07/09/03: Crime pays if you're wearing a white collar
07/08/03: And freedom continues to ring
07/03/03: ‘The Real Deal’ on amnesty for illegal aliens
07/02/03: Free the Dog!
07/01/03: A letter-writing campaign can work wonders
06/27/03: More bad news for the Bush haters
06/26/03: Cancer or arousal?
06/25/03: Will institutional — and, now, governmemt-endorsed — racism ever end?
06/23/03: Held in Saudi Arabia against their will --- for oil!?
06/20/03: They're organizing to prohibit police from pursuing criminal suspects who refuse to stop
06/19/03: What burglars know about the Second Amendment
06/18/03: CBS courtship of Pfc. Lynch: Big media tries to win the heart of a teenage girl
06/13/03: ‘The Real Deal’ on White House hypocrisy
06/12/03: What's wrong with the way policy is made in Washington, D.C.?
06/11/03: ‘The Real Deal’ on Hillary and media double standard
06/09/03: Not in Babs' backyard!
06/06/03: 'The Real Deal' on Hillary's book deal
06/05/03: The way we get our news has been altered forever
06/04/03: 'The Real Deal' on the Martha Stewart witch hunt: Making a big deal while others get away
06/03/03: ‘The Real Deal’ on Sean Penn’s screed
06/02/03: “Alternative-lifestyle bachelor”?
05/30/03: Amnesty International makes U.S. the number one human rights villain
05/29/03: Why do we ignore home grown terrorism?
05/23/03: Bizarre Blair
05/21/03: ‘Capitol Offense’
05/20/03: A life in jail for 'conduct unbecoming'!?
05/19/03: You spoke, MCI listened
05/16/03: ‘The Real Deal’ on the Democrat attacks: Tasteless, and also untrue
05/15/03: ‘Capitol Offense’ goes postal
05/14/03: L.A. Times Book awards honor a child abuse manual
05/13/03: Reporter spills the beans on media's bias in covering Iraq
05/12/03: Danny Glover's supporters start letter writing campaign with ugly, racial overtones
05/09/03: Berkeley's Center for Middle East Studies funded by al Qaeda financial supporter?
05/08/03: Why they love Castro
05/07/03: Book industry finally opening doors to conservatives
05/06/03: ‘The Real Deal’ on ABC News: Another media insider expose
05/05/03: Why, despite recent successes, re-election is not a sure thing
05/02/03: ‘Capitol Offenses’
05/01/03: ‘The Real Deal’ on Hillary Clinton
04/30/03: The Iraq-al Qaida link: The elitists were wrong
04/29/03: Shiites biting the hand that released them
04/28/03: What the capitulation of Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, Tariq Aziz, means for the rest of the world's tyrants
04/25/03: Noble-sounding names mask political motives
04/22/03: Bill Clinton should heed Paul McCartney's advice
04/21/03: The president with an I.Q. of a pot of clay has made New York City elitists look like a bunch of bumbling idiots
04/16/03: Russia, France and Germany: Not stupid, just immoral
04/15/03: CNN's too little, too late apology
04/14/03: Who's the first elitist to admit they were wrong about the war?
04/10/03: He's baaack --- and his terror tactics deserve an 'F'
04/09/03: Iraqi lawyer and American teenaged girl proved themselves to be 'The Real Deal'

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