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Least Competent Criminal | Walmart Shunning

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published August 8, 2019

Least Competent Criminal |  Walmart Shunning

A craving for cake batter ice cream brought New York City police officers to a Baskin-Robbins store in Coney Island -- a fortuitous detour, as it turned out.

The Associated Press reported that when 33-year-old Emmanuel Lovett walked into the shop and tugged on his denim shorts, a loaded pistol dropped to the floor, and officers swarmed Lovett, who, it turns out, had a robbery record that prohibited him from having a firearm.

He was charged with criminal possession of a firearm. No word on whether he, or the officers, enjoyed their ice cream. [Associated Press, 7/2/2019]

An unnamed woman pulled a stunt in a Wichita Falls, Texas, Walmart that got her banned from the store.

According to NBC News, Police Sgt. Harold McClure said a store employee reported that the woman had eaten half a cake from the bakery, then attempted to buy the other half (for half-price), saying she found the cake in that condition.

While Walmart did not want to press charges, they did prohibit her from shopping at the store in the future -- a policy they're familiar with, after an incident in January at another Wichita Falls Walmart.

In that case, a woman rode an electric cart around the store's parking lot while guzzling wine from a Pringles can. She was also Walmart-shunned. [NBC News, 7/1/2019]