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By News of the Weird

Published July 21, 2020

News That Sounds Like a Joke  |  Bright Idea

After falling asleep following a 10-bottle beer-drinking binge, and failing to heed nature's call for 18 hours, a 40-year-old Chinese man identified as Mr. Hu was diagnosed with a burst bladder, the New York Post reported on June 23.

The man appeared at Zhuji People's Hospital in Zhejiang, China, complaining of searing abdominal pain, and doctors discovered three tears in his bladder, one of which had caused his intestines to spill into the bladder.

Mr. Hu underwent emergency surgery and was able to recover.

Zhuji officials said while bladder rupture is rare, they see at least one such patient every year. [New York Post, 6/23/2020]

Bradley Bell, head writer for "The Bold and the Beautiful," told the New York Post the show is experimenting with using blowup dolls in love scenes as the daytime soap, in hiatus since March, resumed taping on June 17.

Challenged to adhere to COVID-19 protocols, Bell said, "We put our heads together trying to figure out a way to make these scenes work without breaking the 8-foot (distancing) rule ... and we brought out a doll we used years ago as a corpse."

The result, he said, "was very convincing ... We'll be using her with hair and makeup as a stand-in to match some of our leading ladies."

The show has also recruited some of the actors' spouses as body doubles.

"We've had stunt doubles before," Bell said, "but this is the first time we've had kissing doubles." [New York Post, 6/17/2020]