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By News of the Weird

Published July 9, 2020

Overreaction  |  Bright Idea

Richland County (South Carolina) sheriff's officers are searching for a man and woman who held a Pizza Hut manager at gunpoint on May 29 in Columbia -- because they didn't receive the 2-liter bottle of Pepsi they had ordered for delivery with their pie.

The manager told WIS the couple entered the restaurant complaining about the delivery, then came behind the counter and as the man held out a gun, the woman removed a bottle of Pepsi from the cooler.

Once the goods were in hand, the man put his gun away, and they left the store. [WIS, 6/10/2020]

A tech startup called ChampTrax has a novel solution for the problem of professional sports being played in empty stadiums.

Jason Rubenstein told Fox4 News in Kansas City, Missouri, that his company's Hear Me Cheer technology allows fans watching at home to enable a microphone on a phone or laptop as they watch a game; the sounds fans make will then be captured and aggregated into a single track for the broadcast.

"If you're alone in your home, what's the point of booing if no one can hear you?" Rubenstein asked.

ESPN featured Hear Me Cheer on a June 9 boxing broadcast and during the NFL draft in April, and the company says it is in talks with other networks and sports leagues. [Fox4 News, 6/10/2020]