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Cavalcade of Weird Animals | Google Sees the Future

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published July 13, 2016

  Cavalcade of Weird Animals |  Google Sees the Future

The species Acanthonus armatus first showed up in waters near Vancouver, British Columbia, 10 years ago, generating ichthyological excitement -- in that it is widely known as the assfish. The Royal BC Museum in Victoria, British Columbia, put one on display in January with its bulbous head and flabby skin resembling a "glorified tadpole," said a museum curator, who declined to guess at the origin of the assfish name (bypassing a chance to link it to the fish's large mouth and tiny brain). [National Post, 1-14-2016]

Google filed a U.S. Patent Office application on April 28 for a vision-improvement device in liquid form that, once inserted (i.e., injected directly into the eyeball!), solidifies into not only a lens replacement for the eye but an instrument that carries its own storage, radio and wireless power supply. The idea, according to inventor Andrew Jason Conrad, is to better focus light onto the retina. (The patent process does not assure that the device will ever come to fruition, but it might indicate that Google's parent, Alphabet, is concerned that other inventors might be doing similar work.) [, 4-28-2016]