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Distracted Americans | Bright Ideas

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published July 10, 2015

Distracted Americans |  Bright Ideas

Air travelers last year left $675,000 in (obviously) spare change in airport screening bins, reported the Transportation Security Administration in April. Of the cars reported stolen in 2014, 44,828 were with keys left inside them, according to an April National Insurance Crime Bureau release. American credit card holders fail to claim "about $4 billion" in earned "rewards" each year, according to's 2015 Credit Card Rewards Report. [Time magazine, 4-7-2015] [Bloomberg Business, 4-27-2015] [CardHub report (undated except for the year)]

Among recent inventions not expected to draw venture capital interest (reported by Popular Science in June): (1) A Canadian software engineer's machine that unspools toilet paper exactly three squares at a time (but please keep fingers away from the cleaver!). (2) A Japanese shoulder-mounted tomato-feeder that provides nourishment to marathoners without their needing to catch tomatoes provided by supporters. (3) Google software engineer Maurice Bos' whiteboard-mounted clock that writes down the exact time, with a marker, at five-minute intervals (after erasing the previous time). [Popular Science, June 2015]

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