Jewish World Review July 17, 2004 / 1 Menachem-Av, 5764

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Cosby & Jackson are hypocrites | In a noble move, comedy legend Bill Cosby has taken the "Black Community" to task for not being responsible parents, black rappers for using the word "Nigger" in their lyrics — and black men for not being responsible for their outta wedlock children.


Does anybody have to make an announcement that those are the right things to do — black or white?

But in this case, it is unusual.

The problem is where the message is coming from — Bill Cosby and Jesse Jackson.

Both have children outta wedlock, both have long marriages and whispers have circulated that there have been numerous affairs by both men. But these guys shouldn't be singled out.

Michael Jordon to Julius Ervin have both admitted to having children outta wedlock. Evander Holyfield has ten children by many different women — while claiming to be a Born Again Christian.

This type of behavior is the accepted way of our " Do Your Own Thing. It's Not Bothering Anybody Else Society".

Sure there are standards that have been set for moral behavior — but those standards are way too high for our "Gay Marriage, It's None of Your Business Society". Our Society talks a much bigger game than we can live. The divorce rate at over Fifty Percent. Jennifer Lopez making a joke outta marriage.

Then, of course there's Janet Jackson, Courtney Love's and Robert Downey Jr.'s continuing problems. R. Kelly's underage Dealings.

These things are not looked at as usual, but as things that just happen.

"Moralists" look for a world that produced the "Good Old Days" — but those "Days" are long gone.

And one is left to ponder: Did they ever exist?

From Thomas Jefferson's dalliances to Charlie Chaplin, from FDR to JFK to Bill Clinton, history is littered with what the world would call "Immoral Behavior"

The majority of the country can't live up to the moral standards that are put out there. There is a hypocrisy when it comes to our moral behavior. But with the media attention glaring, we the public just know more about it.

Bill Cosby may have said the Politically Incorrect thing, but the proof is in the pudding.

Don't ignore the message — but do pay attention to who the messenger is.

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