Jewish World Review July 15, 2004 /26 Tamuz, 5764

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Moore is infecting the Democrat party | I have been predicting for weeks that Michael Moore's movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11,' would backfire on Democrats if they were actually seen embracing the radical director.

A Washington Post poll suggests that I may be right. After weeks of Democratic leaders parroting Moore's baseless conspiracy theories on 9/11, on Afghanistan and on the war in Iraq, the Post poll shows that Americans' approval of the president's handling of the war on terror has actually shot up since the release of "Fahrenheit 9/11."

And John Kerry's numbers have gone down during that same time period. The Kerry camp can't say that I haven't warned them. I have tried to be a good friend, but Americans are repulsed by political hate speech and by those who promote it. Democrats flocked to the premier of Moore's movie. And it paints U.S. soldiers as uncaring beasts who brag about shooting at anything that moves while listening to heavy metal in their tanks.

And, of course, Americans are equally concerned that Michael Moore the man has equated Islamic terrorists in Iraq to our founding fathers and even suggested that more Americans need to die in Iraq before G-d and the Iraqi people can forgive us.

You know, John Kerry, Whoopi Goldberg didn't help your cause last week and you didn't help yourself either by calling her and other movie stars who called our president a killer and a thug, and you called them "the best America has to offer."

But, mark my words, you will lose the presidency if you continue to condone a filmmaker whose own statements suggests that he may be cheering for our enemy and who is calling for the killing of more Americans for sick redemptive purposes.

Hey, John Kerry, this is your Sista Souljah moment. The only question is, will you be as smart as Bill Clinton to turn your back on radicals in your own party while convincing people like me that you will provide America the type of steady leadership that we so desperately need in times of crises? Saying no to Michael Moore's brand of hate speech will be a great step in that direction. And I personally hope that you take it.

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