Jewish World Review July 14, 2004 / 25 Tamuz, 5764

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'Anchorman' reveals secrets to success: Will Ferrell's take on broadcast news | NEW YORK — The media blitz over "Anchorman" has put Ron Burgundy in the spotlight.

He says all the attention is welcome, although a bit surprising. "I was mostly a C minus student," he says. "This is really an excellent moment in my career and my life."

In an interview scheduled to air Thursday, 8 p.m. ET on MSNBC, Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy sat down with "Countdown" anchorman Keith Olbermann to count down the basic elements of journalism. Below are the secrets to his success:

3) Reading the prompter
"This is the pillar of the journalistic pyramid without which, everything collapses into a heap of flames," says Burgundy. "It's an art. It's a b**ch."

Burgundy recounts one of his snafus that cost him his job. "You literally and figuratively have to keep an eye on the prompter," he says. "I told an entire to city, to, well, f* off. I didn't realize I said it." (Burgundy emphasizes that the city of San Diego is a "great town.")

2) Music in the newsroom
"I fancy myself a musician," says Burgundy, who plays the jazz flute. "I dabble. I doesn't really help with the news, but it is an extension of my artistic side." Newsrooms, he thinks must have a musician, singer, or dancer.

He adds that the jazz flute is "a wonderful tool or extension in his interaction with the female species."

1) Hair
"That is really number one." Burgundy says that if you don't pay attention to what stands on top of your head, then no one really is going to pay attention to what comes out of your mouth.

He styles his own hair at home for three hours, and then has a hair team style it for three more hours when he gets to the newsroom. "You can never really tell about the atmospheric conditions," he says. "It could be very windy."

He has an 11-person team working on his hair alone. "They work shifts so I need them all. And sometimes I fire them, then re-hire them. It happens."

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The writer hosts MSNBC's “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” The news program, dedicated to all of the day’s top stories, telecasts weeknights, 8-9 p.m. ET. Comment by clicking here.

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