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Inexplicable | Paying the Price

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By News of the Weird

Published June 12, 2020

 Inexplicable |  Paying the Price

In 2006, Armin Meiwes, now 58, was convicted of killing, dismembering and slowly eating Bernd Brandes, 43, over a number of months in Rotenburg, Germany, but today, the man who advertised himself as a "friendly and polite" cannibal, goes for "walks around town" with a police escort and wearing sunglasses and a cap to disguise himself.

Meiwes had advertised in 2001 on a website called The Cannibal Cafe for "a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed," and Brandes answered the ad.

At trial, Meiwes told the court he had always dreamed of having a younger brother "to be a part of me" and thought cannibalism would be a way to satisfy that obsession.

Two officers accompany Meiwes on his outings, reports the Daily Mail, and he is described by his keepers as a "friendly, outgoing, polite" prisoner who is helpful to others, attends church services and works in the prison laundry. [Daily Mail, 5/12/2020]

Restaurants in West Plains, Missouri, endured a social media storm in early May after a customer posted a photo of a receipt that included a "Covid 19 Surcharge."

But the restaurants pushed back, according to KY3.

"It's not a tax. It's basically just a small percentage to cover all of our extra expenses," said Bootleggers BBQ owner Brian Staack.

Kiko Japanese Steakhouse manager Sarah Sherwood said prices on most items have doubled, and Ozark Cafe co-owner Heather Hughes confirmed: "Every day there's something else (food suppliers) can't get or the prices have gone up exorbitantly."

The restaurateurs say it's easier to add the 5% surcharge than constantly change the menus, and they've been upfront with customers, using signs and notes in their menus.

While the initial response was surprise, Sherwood says the community has "really come together to support the local businesses." [KY3, 5/8/2020]