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Published June 28, 2019

Bright Idea <B>|</B> Fashion Statement
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers were led on a chase late on May 26 after a reckless driver nearly hit a patrol car.

Ignoring signs and warnings about a bridge out ahead, the driver tried to jump the bridge "Dukes of Hazzard" style, reported WXIN, but when he came to the end of the pavement, his car hit the exposed beams of the bridge and skidded to a stop.

The driver got away, but police apprehended a passenger, who informed them the driver had one leg and had left his prosthetic leg behind in the car.

Police said they were confident they'll track him down soon. [Fox59, 5/27/2019]

You either love 'em or hate 'em, but if you're going to be mocked for your fashion sense, Crocs' newest style doubles your chances.

Developed as part of a collaboration with Japanese streetwear company Beams, the new Crocs sport tiny fanny packs attached to the ankle straps, reported CBS News.

The $53 shoes come in teal and purple, and the miniature backpacks are big enough for keys, a credit card and a few dollars -- along with what's left of your dignity. [CBS News, 4/30/2019]