Jewish World Review June 18, 2004 / 29 Sivan, 5764

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Truth seeker is a liar | You know you can call it "art," you can call it "entertainment," you can call it "propaganda," but don't call Michael Moore's latest movie a "documentary."

Michael Moore has a lousy track record when it comes to telling the truth. His Academy Award-winning movie "Bowling for Columbine" was littered with lies, and Mr. Moore's M.O. may owe more to guerrilla warfare than honest reporting. "Weekly Standard" editor Fred Barnes wrote a column detailing how Moore simply lied about an interview he supposedly had with Barnes.

Barnes didn't complain that Moore had taken his words out of context, like so many others have. No, Barnes instead says Moore simply made the entire interview up out of thin air. Barnes never talked to him at all. And unfortunately, we learned after "Bowling for Columbine" that the fake interview was not the exception, but the rule with the Canadian filmmaker.

Now we learned the so-called truth seeker was involved in a cover-up, involving Iraqi prison abuse photos. Moore claims he buried the evidence because he didn't trust big media. His critics are saying that Michael Moore is more interested in making money than telling Americans the truth.

In America, we celebrate success. We even raise a toast to rogues who figure out how to make a quick buck like Michael Moore, but Americans can't stand hypocrites, and the more people get to know Michael Moore and his work, the more they are going to find out that he's a self-proclaimed working class hero, who attacks corporations while flying around in corporate jets, who claims to seek the truth while spreading his own version of lies, and projects a courageous front while cowering from our repeated attempts to get him to come on Scarborough Country to face the music.

But he won't.

Moore knows that unlike the shallow stars who worship him in Hollywood and France, we only concern ourselves with the facts here. And it's well documented that the facts are not on Michael Moore's side.

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