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Jewish World Review June 11, 2004 / 22 Sivan, 5764

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Why the Saudis like Osama | Directly on the heels of news that the House of Saud has decided to crack down on one of its most notorious "charities" comes news that a freshly released poll shows that nearly half of Saudis support the views and propaganda of Osama bin Laden.

Which means that even if the Saudi government does finally do something about the petrodollar pipeline that feeds Islamic terrorists - because this time they "really mean it" - Saudi cash will still be responsible for most terrorism around the world.

Just look at the survey released this week.

From August to November of last year - within months of the May al-Qaeda attack in Riyadh that killed 36 people - 15,000 Saudis were questioned about a range of topics, including their views on bin Laden.

In results that could only be surprising to the deluded - i.e. the Saudi royal family and their best friends at the U.S. State Department - almost 50 percent of Saudis polled expressed a favorable opinion of bin Laden's "sermons and rhetoric."

How could this happen in a country filled with college graduates (many educated in the West) and in a country that is (officially) an ally of the United States?

It's the education, stupid.

For several decades now, Saudi schoolchildren have become mere vessels for radical Islamic fundamentalism, with its profound hatred of the West in general, and Jews and America in particular.

Nawaf Obaid, a Saudi national security consultant who conducted the survey, told CNN on Wednesday that Saudis expressed greatest support for bin Laden's diatribes against "America and the Zionist conspiracy."

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This anti-Semitic fish rots from the head down. After a terrorist attack on an oil refinery in northern Saudi, Crown Prince Abdullah blamed it on the Jews.

In a video provided and translated by the absolutely incomparable Middle East Media Research Institute, Abdullah "explains" to a dinner party gathering that evening, "I don't say I mean it's not 100 percent, but 95 percent that the Zionist hands are behind what happened."

That 15 of the Sept. 11 terrorists came from the kingdom was no accident. Not only did Saudi Arabia enjoy the loosest visa requirements anywhere in the world - including in granting visas to the 15 terrorists, none of whom actually qualified for one under the law - but it had the largest stockpile of brainwashed young men.

But bin Laden could have just as easily recruited 1,500 or 15,000 Saudis for Sept. 11. There was nothing special about the 15; only one served as one of the four "pilots," the rest acted as "muscle." They were disturbingly representative of their fellow countrymen.

A Saudi intelligence survey taken just weeks after Sept. 11, during mid-October 2001, found 95 percent support for bin Laden among 25- to 41-year-olds with college educations, according to a January 2002 New York Times article.

And because of Saudi petrodollars being used to hijack and radicalize the vast majority of the world's mosques, more and more Muslims around the world are thinking like the Saudis.

Saudi cash is responsible for breeding terrorists, first through brainwashing that starts even before kids can read, then through funding the infrastructure that takes fire-breathing Islamic "students" and gives their rage purpose.

At a heavily hyped news conference at the Saudi Embassy in Washington last week, Saudi spokesman Adel al-Jubier announced with great fanfare that his government was consolidating a number of "charities" into one centralized entity and shutting down the infamous al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, which was long thought to be a terrorist front. It took six years of requests - and multiple pledges from the House of Saud that it was finally getting serious about terror financing - for the Saudis to shut down al-Haramain.

But left untouched were groups like the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, which propagates Wahhabism - Saudi Arabia's homegrown radical strain of Islam - and promotes jihad and "martyrdom."

For those looking to learn more about the financial web the Saudis have spun, the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs is holding a hearing Tuesday on terror financing, and the Saudis figure to be featured prominently.

Not high on the agenda, though, is the Saudi takeover of Islam in America. Which is too bad. Who knows how many American Muslims already feel the same as the Saudis about bin Laden?

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JWR contributor Joel Mowbray is the author of "Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department Endangers America's Security". Comment by clicking here.

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