Jewish World Review June 2, 2004 / 13 Sivan, 5764

Lewis A. Fein

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The Day After
Common Sense | Liberals and environmental extremists have a new piece of Hollywood propaganda, a film that uses junk science (and bad acting) to further a ridiculous political agenda: "The Day After Tomorrow," a disaster flick that uses apocalyptic imagery - the Statue of Liberty becomes an icon for destruction, a frozen relic of humanity's latent quest for freedom - to convey a point that has zero credibility -- that the world's climate will change instantly and introduce a new ice age. The film's weaknesses are obvious, demonizing industry and targeting the United States, thus producing a verdict without evidence and a political statement without logic. And that worldview - that absurdist outlook about the alleged crimes of man - is a tired, old Leftist argument. Thankfully, a group of dedicated proponents of science and truth continue to expose the film's numerous lies, providing citizens (in New York City and Los Angeles) with genuine facts about climate change and environmental protection.

In reality, "The Day After Tomorrow" is another opportunity for a politician like Al Gore - the same person who now inveighs against, in a falsely populist and weirdly Southern drawl, every reasonable political proposal - to attack the Bush administration and the workers of America. His appropriation of the film's ridiculous message is itself another example of Hollywood's complicity in a series of political wars designed to eradicate common sense. For environmental extremists have a more dangerous agenda that the film conveniently obscures: a plan to kill jobs and retard industry, thereby establishing a regime based upon emotional conclusions and insane ideas. Are these goals nothing more than fantasy, a futile dream to reconfigure the political landscape? Sadly, the Hollywood Left and its allies - an assortment of academics, partisan journalists and political hacks - will not yield before the objective and undeniable facts -- that the only blizzard, hurricane, tidal wave or avalanche threatening man's existence is within a director's own imagination.

But one must also answer the Left's lame defense, which is nothing more than guilty hands with innocent words: It's only a movie! As if films do not sway people, motivating them to change behavior, political beliefs or religious ideas. The film's primary mission - indeed, this outlook explains the Left's recent actions - is to brainwash the American people. The film purposefully frightens viewers, making them apologize (if only subconsciously) for modernity's gifts -- transportation, communication, medicine, agriculture, housing and the other blessed fruits of life.

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Think about the film's inherent lunacy: Hollywood's political extremists, unable to use science to make a controversial point, employ images - visual "evidence" that deliberately abandons objective truth - to reach an otherwise impossible conclusion, that the sky is falling . . . literally! Spare us such propaganda. Spare the world such insults.

The American people deserve entertainment choices that are fun, relaxing and free of political hatred. Indeed, the best films enable individuals to unwind, to escape the grind of reality and its sundry demands. "The Day After Tomorrow" neglects these proven truths, opting to violate private beliefs with public attacks. Any pretense of enlightenment or suspension of disbelief once again collapses before this altar - no, this hijacked box office - of politics and deranged extremism. Hollywood's actions now produce an unintended consequence: more people will stay home, where movies are less violent, wild and strange. And the popcorn tastes better, too.

JWR contributor Lewis A. Fein is a writer and Internet entrepreneur in Los Angeles. Comment by clicking here.


© 2004, Lewis A. Fein