Jewish World Review June 21, 2004 / 2 Tamuz 5764

Dan Abrams

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The U.N. again proves it cannot be objective when it comes to the Middle East | Jean Ziegler, appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Commission as an expert in food, wrote a letter on U.N. letterhead from the office of the high commissioner for human rights threatening an American company that makes bulldozers and sells them to Israel.

Ziegler suggested that because Israel has destroyed homes of suspected terrorists, and even crops with the Caterpillar bulldozers, that "might involve complicity or acceptance on the part of your company to actual and potential violations of human rights."

Ziegler also cited the death of a protester who tried to stop a bulldozer near the Gaza/Egypt border.

What is this professor, an expert on food, doing making legal threats under the auspices of the U.N.?

The high commissioner's office claims Ziegler is an independent contractor who was writing in a "personal capacity." You're allowed to use U.N. stationary for personal notes? Sure can't do it here at NBC.

And did Ziegler also write to the companies that make nails and tacks used by the Palestinian terrorists who put them in suicide bombs to make them more deadly or to the makers of cell phones used to activate other bombs?

Of course not.

No, because Ziegler is just another so-called expert hired by the U.N. with a history of antipathy toward Israel. Just saying that's his opinion isn't enough. The U.N. should chastise him and announce that he will not be given any more U.N. assignments.

But knowing the history of the U.N. on this matter, I won't hold my breath.

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