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Jewish World Review June 20, 2002 / 10 Tamuz, 5762

Harley Carnes

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Mr. President, PLEASE listen to this Democrat! | The U.S. gives financial aid to friends AND enemies. That we taxpayers give money to our nation's friends is easy to understand. That we give it to those who hate us, despise us and who cheer when airliners crash into our buildings is not.

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, a Democrat from Brooklyn and Queens, is saying it again. The U.S. should cut off financial aid to Yasser Arafat's band of hoodlums. We should stop feeding the dog that bites us at every opportunity.

As the Congressman points out, American taxpayers gave Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority a Billion dollars in the last ten years. 100 million dollars on average every year. What have we gotten in exchange? Zip. Nada.

Security has not gotten better in the West Bank and Gaza. Not even in Jerusalem. In fact, it's gotten worse because there is a systematic campaign underway to kill Israeli children in schools, worshippers in synagogues and soldiers on patrol. Some say this war is sponsored by Arafat and his murderous minions. Clearly, he's paid only the most transparent lip service to "condemnation" of terror attacks against Israelis. His Fatah organization has sponsored and conducted many of these attacks, including some of the most recent.

The U.S. is scheduled to send Arafat and the Palestinian Authority $282 million this year. We sent nearly 279 million last year.

He thinks Americans are truly stupid.

Nearly 119 million the year before. And almost 80 million in 1999. Each year the number of Israeli citizens killed by Palestinian terrorist has gone up from 3 in 1999, to 244 this year, at this writing.

Arafat says U.S. aid does not pay for terrorism.

No. U.S. aid goes to pay for everything else. That way the Authority can use its own money to buy the bombs.

The Bush Administration should listen to this particular Democrat, Anthony Weiner. And until there is peace, that money should be used to help pay for the war against terror.

The cut-off of aid to Arafat et al, should be immediate and complete and any restoration of aid should be tied to proven performance for peace, and substantive movement forward in the peace process. Let Arafat's hand be on the money switch. The hand that allows civilians to be attacked is the hand that turns off the flow of money.

Like turning off the lights.

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Harley Carnes is a commentator for WCBS radio in Manhattan. Comment by clicking here.


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