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What Goes Up ... Must Come Down

News of the Weird

By News of the Weird

Published May 29, 2019

What Goes Up ... Must Come Down
Two years ago, 39-year-old Dion Callaway was attempting a high-speed landing after skydiving at the Cloverdale Municipal Airport in Sonoma County, California, when he shattered his left heel and eventually having to have his leg amputated below the knee. On April 21, the Santa Rosa resident was back at it, skydiving, when he lost his leg again -- his $15,000 prosthetic leg "just flew off," Callaway told the Press Democrat. "I've jumped with the prosthetic before, but a rush of air got inside this time. I tried to watch where it was falling, but ... I could not keep track." Early the next morning, workers at Redwood Empire lumberyard spotted something they first thought was a soda can. Yard production manager Micah Smith said his first reaction was, "Oh, that's not a soda can, that's a leg ... where's the rest?" The story ended happily after Smith called the sheriff's office, where Callaway picked up his leg later that day. "Skydiving is my everything," Callaway said. "I always seem to come back to it." [Press Democrat, 4/22/2019]

Members of England's Colchester United Football Club were confused by the cheeseburger they found on the pitch at their training ground in March. "When we discovered the burger ... we weren't quite sure what to think," media manager Matt Hudson told Sky News. But Tom Stanniland, who was tracking the burger, knew exactly what had happened and called the club to explain. "I sent a burger into space using a weather balloon," Stanniland said. "It had gone about 24 miles up and the weather balloon popped. It's ... traveled over 100 miles and landed." The burger was attached with a zip tie to a styrofoam box fitted with a GoPro camera and a tracking device. Stanniland took a bite out of the burger after retrieving it, but wasn't impressed: "That's not nice," he said. [Sky News, 3/29/2019]